Bees and Wasps


Nests Are a Serious Risk

If you notice that bees or wasps are congregating in your yard or commercial space, you likely have a nest nearby. Isolated stings can be uncomfortable, but they are usually not threatening unless you, your loved ones or your employees have an allergy. However, swarms can be very dangerous, and if enough stings are inflicted, they can result in injury or death.
Close up shot of Bee — Wasps in Los Angeles, CA

Don’t Try to Address the Issue Yourself

Killing a wasp or a bee one-by-one is an ineffective way to remove these pests from your property. Bees and wasps will propagate quickly and replace removed individuals with ease. Moreover, killing a wasp on its own can be dangerous, since the dead body will release a chemical that triggers other wasps to attack. Similarly, when a bee stings you, they release a pheromone that attracts other bees to the area to defend their hive. This group mentality can pose significant risks to you and other nearby humans.

Getting to the Source

Bees and wasps must be removed all at once as a community or they will keep reproducing and infesting your area. This requires an inspection of your property to locate the nest or hive, determine its extent and then treat the area with chemical sprays as many times as needed until every generation of the pupa is killed.
This process requires special equipment and compounds to be handled safely, and our team of highly experienced professionals will do everything possible to protect your buildings, workforce and family.

Professional Cleanup and Repairs

Because bees build their hives in enclosed areas, they often target walls, roofs and other vulnerable structures that have an opening. Once the bees or wasps are eliminated, you will need to completely remove any organic matter trapped inside your walled space to avoid mold, rot and other pests. Our team will address all aspects of the pest removal process from detection to chemical treatment to removal and any repairs required.