Preventing Fleas and Roaches in Los Angeles


Your Lifestyle and Health are Worth It

When you turn on the lights in the kitchen at night, the last thing you want to see are crowds of cockroaches scurrying behind your appliances. Similarly, no one wants to wake up with welts and rashes from the fleas that your dog introduced into your home. The best thing to do for your own safety and hygiene is to call the pest control experts at A Step Above Pest Control & Termites. We’re ready to help you.
Dead Cockroach — Roaches in Los Angeles, CA


Cockroaches not only smell bad and leave behind unsanitary droppings and discarded shells, but they are a potential source of disease as well. They cause gastrointestinal and respiratory disease by contaminating your food stores, urinary tract infections, serious allergies and asthma attacks. In some cases, they can even bite you or invade your body orifices.


Fleas, whether from a domestic pet or otherwise, can be a nuisance. Although not life-threatening themselves, fleas can carry harmful bacteria that cause typhus, tungiasis, spotted fever, mycoplasma haemofelis and even the plague. Fleas can also cause tapeworms in humans if they are accidentally swallowed. At best, the rashes, itching and swelling that result from flea bites are constant irritants.

Eliminating the Issue

Fleas and roaches are pests that should be dealt with immediately for your peace of mind and health. You can protect your loved ones or your employees with our effective and immediate treatments that always address the source of the infestation. With our specialized equipment and chemical solutions, we will be sure to clear these common risks in no time.