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Addressing Other Pests in Los Angeles


We Do It All

Nothing is more important than you feeling safe and secure in your own home. That’s why our team of highly experienced pest control experts are ready to help you eliminate pests from your property, no matter what species you may be dealing with.


Spiders are a major pest in most homes, and eliminating them can be a hassle. They build webs, crawl along surfaces and can reproduce vast numbers of young if given the chance. Many species are also poisonous to humans and can cause serious injury or even death.

Birds and Mites

Bird nests may not only damage the façade of your structure, but they attract mites that can infest the areas where nests are most common: your roof, eaves and ledges. Mites are not lethal, but their bites inject anticoagulant saliva into your skin that prevents healing and causes sores, itching and allergies.


Bedbugs do not just live in your bed; they can be found anywhere in your home. Although their bites are not dangerous to humans, they can cause redness, itching and swelling. As highly trained pest control experts, we will clear your entire structure from this common irritant.


Ants can seem like they come from nowhere: one day you’re building is clear, and another day you have thousands of ants marching near food and water sources. Our treatment services will address the source of your problem and save you the time and hassle of spraying and cleaning day-after-day.

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No matter the pest you may be dealing with, you can take effective action for immediate relief by calling A Step Above Pest Control & Termites. We have the experience, equipment and treatment solutions that give you peace of mind that your pest issue will end as quickly as possible with lasting success.