Avoiding Rodents in Los Angeles, California

Man Spray on Plant for Pest Control — Rodent Proofing in Los Angeles, CA

Protecting Your Family and Workforce

Rodent infestations are no laughing matter. Rats and mice carry parasites and diseases that can cause allergies, illness and even death in humans. Children and the elderly are especially at risk.
Common bacteria that can be communicated from rats include Hantavirus, Listeria, Rat-Bite Fever and Salmonellosis. All of these diseases can be communicated to humans and cause potentially serious consequences. Whether you have an infestation at your house or your workplace, protect yourself, your loved ones and your employees with one of our effective and immediate pest control solutions.

Protecting Your Home and Building

Mice and rats can eat through your house or building materials as well. Vulnerable items include your insulation, trim, molding, drywall, cardboard, wood and even electrical wiring. Wires that become exposed as a result of rodents’ gnawing are extremely dangerous and are a top cause of fires in private homes in America each year. Dealing with your infestation quickly not only keeps you safe from harm but also protects your property from damage or destruction.

Quality Service, Customer Satisfaction

For over three decades, our team of licensed, bonded and insured pest control experts have been treating residential and commercial structures for rodents and other common pests. Our name says it all; we are ready to protect you and your loved ones with fast, effective and safe treatments that are tailored to your circumstances. We will provide a comprehensive on-site inspection to make sure that you are choosing the best solution possible.

Serving Southern California for 30 Years

We take great pride in serving the cities and communities of Los Angeles and Orange counties, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura. If you are struggling to contain a rodent problem or notice piles of scat and other signs that rodents may be present, protect your property and your health with one of our affordable treatment services.