Controlling Termites in Los Angeles


We Protect Your Property Investment

Unlike most pest control service providers, we also offer solutions for termite infestations as well.
Termites cause billions of dollars in home damage and affect hundreds of thousands of houses in the United States every year.
Many homeowners may not even know their house is infested until the harm is already done, which is why termite inspections should be a part of your home maintenance routine. Regular checks are a low-cost alternative to the extensive damage that termites can cause to your home’s structure.
Close up shot of Termites — Termites in Los Angeles, CA

Comprehensive Treatments get to the Source

If detected, our team of highly experienced pest control technicians will get to the root of your termite infestation to eliminate the colony. After we identify the specific species of termite affecting your home or commercial structure, we will use targeted chemical sprays to stem the flow of these insects into your building.
Our team will then set baited monitoring devices that cause individual termites to ingest lethal toxins which they will carry back with them to the colony. Colonies may be located a significant distance from your home, and this is the surest method of addressing the root of the issue. Our thorough process will ensure that termites are removed from your property.

Gas and Direct Wood Treatments

If your structure is significantly infested, our team will recommend a variety of specialized techniques for 100 percent termite removal. These may include fumigation of your building treating affected wood to raise the temperature of the surrounding materials. After an on-site inspection, we will help you navigate your options and select the best technique for your home.

We Are Ready for Your Call

Your home is likely your biggest investment, and protecting it against serious termite damage should be a top priority. If you suspect a termite infestation or if you want a professional option, call our trained and professional team today. We’re here to help you rest assured that your home is safe.