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Are Rodents A Problem For Los Angeles Homeowners In The Winter?

January 05, 2023 - Rodents

Rodents can carry bacteria and parasites, spreading diseases like hantavirus, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and salmonellosis. Additionally, they gnaw through wires, triggering electrical fires or shorts, and their chewing may cause damage to furniture, walls, flooring, boxes, clothing, and possibly structural elements of homes. These factors make finding out how to get rid of rodents of utmost importance for the health and safety of your family. Contacting an expert Los Angeles pest control company like A Step Above Pest Control is key in getting rid of rodents in your home and on your property.

Rodents That Call Los Angeles Home

There are many different types of rodents in Los Angeles, but there are a few you're more likely to encounter. The house mouse prefers dark and sheltered areas and tends to hide amid household clutter. The Norway rat is nocturnal, burrowing into piles of garbage or underneath concrete slabs. Roof rats usually live in colonies, preferring to nest in the upper levels of structures or trees.

What Attracts Rodents To Los Angeles Homes In Winter?

When rodents become a problem for Los Angeles homeowners, it’s often because they seek shelter inside our homes, garages, and other buildings, or move into our yards or homes after smelling food.

Here are some of the most common things which attract rodents to our homes:

  • Overgrown plants and landscaping, woodpiles, or piles of rocks
  • Outside clutter in which they can hide
  • Leaky outdoor water fixtures or standing water
  • Gardens and fruit trees with fallen fruit and vegetables
  • Open garbage or compost containers
  • Bird feeders or pet food bowls

Taking steps to clear up these attractants is a good start in knowing how to keep rodents away, but there are still times when rodents may already be inside a residence and professional rodent control in Los Angeles is necessary.

How Can I Tell If My Los Angeles Home Has Rodents?

Southern California rodents, especially mice and rats, have developed close relationships with humans, learning that we provide safe environments and easy access to food and water.  There are certain things to look for when looking for signs of a rodent infestation.

Here are some signs to look for:

  • Droppings that are left behind in places where food is stored such as pantries and cabinets or under sinks, or inside chewed boxes
  • Chew marks on any type of material, including lead pipes and plastic
  • Nesting material such as shredded paper products, cotton or packing materials, wall insulation and fabrics  found in dark, secluded places
  • Strange noises emanating from the walls, especially at night
  • Dark greasy marks along walls and floorboards as rodents follow trails throughout the home between their nests and food

If you think you have rodents in your Los Angeles home, contact someone who knows how to get rid of rodents in your house. The experts at A Step Above Pest Control will help by eliminating all traces of rodent activity on your property.

Call The Pros To Safely And Effectively Get Rid Of Rodents

When rodents threaten your health and home, contacting a pest control service experienced in rodent control and elimination is important. A Step Above Pest Control offers comprehensive rodent control services designed to restore safety to your home and property as soon as possible and a warranty for our services for regular customers. Contact us now to request a free quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Los Angeles.

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