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How To Tell If You Have A Silverfish Problem In Your Los Angeles Home

January 10, 2023 - Silverfish

Silverfish are a common nuisance pest that, although not considered a threat to humans, can cause harm to personal belongings, especially paper items. Silverfish damage can usually be found on books, envelopes, and wallpaper, as well as clothing, and food items such as rolled oats and flour. Silverfish prefer proteins to carbohydrates, however, and their favorite proteins include dried meats and even other silverfish.

Given the damage this pest can cause, identifying their presence and contacting someone who knows how to get rid of silverfish is key to making sure your home and belongings remain intact. Contacting the experienced Los Angeles pest control pros at A Step Above Pest Control is key when dealing with a destructive pest such as this.

How To Identify Silverfish In Your Los Angeles Home

Knowing what you’re looking for is an important factor for silverfish prevention, so being able to identify silverfish will ultimately help in destroying an infestation. Silverfish in Los Angeles are silver to brown in color, oval and elongated, ¾ of an inch in length, and have six legs. They have no wings and can run very quickly.

When checking for a silverfish infestation in Los Angeles, look for feeding marks. These may be irregular holes or notches along an edge of a surface, or surface etchings. There may also be yellow stains and tiny black pepper-like pellets, which is their urine and feces.

To prevent a silverfish infestation, thoroughly inspect all habitat areas and where any food materials may be present. If the infestation is inside the home and localized, you can assume that it is recent, and is either an invasion from outside the home or brought in with infested items. If the infestation is widespread, turn your attention to outside the home. Move or remove anything stored near or against the home’s exterior, because silverfish can easily climb walls and enter around door frames, utility pipes, vents, and windows.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are primitive, wingless insects that get their name from their silvery, metallic appearance. These Los Angeles pests resemble fish in shape and movement and are known as “bristletails” because of the three tail-like appendages on their rear ends. These insects are found throughout the United States and are frequently seen in humid, moist areas of homes and buildings, preferring bathrooms, basements, and attics. They hide from humans, meaning any damage they cause may go unnoticed.

Silverfish Are More Of A Nuisance Than A Danger

While silverfish can do a lot of damage to materials in your home, they do not transmit diseases and won't bite people or pets. Since they can easily go unnoticed in a home, silverfish control is important. They may cause harm to belongings made from paper and are known to infest items such as books, envelopes, and wallpaper, so these types of materials can become damaged over time because of an infestation.

Silverfish may enter Los Angeles homes via cardboard boxes of books or papers from an infested location and can roam large distances searching for food. Once inside structures, they will breed in various areas, including wall voids, attics, and under subflooring.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish On Your Los Angeles Property

When a silverfish infestation occurs, finding someone skilled in silverfish removal is necessary to make sure all signs of this pest are taken care of. If preventive measures fail, the services of a professional pest removal service will help remove the problem. A Step Above Pest Control begins our service with an inspection of your home, allowing us to identify the problems so we may design an effective treatment plan. Contact us now for your free estimate and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Los Angeles.

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