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Is My Los Angeles Home At Risk For Carpenter Ants?

January 30, 2023 - Ants

Carpenter ants in Los Angeles do not build their homes the same way you think; they do not add rooms next to your home. To nest, they will chew through the wood that makes up the framing or floor of your home. These pests like to chew up decaying or damp wood. If your home is full of moisture due to leaking faucets and pipes, it will become a prime target for carpenter ants. So, where can you get experts in pest control in Los Angeles to deal with carpenter ant infestations? Reach out to A Step Above Pest Control company for effective pest control solutions. If you want to know more about what attracts carpenter ants to your house and the damage they cause, read on.

What Attracts Carpenter Ants To Los Angeles Homes?

To help you understand how to protect your home from these pests, here are some tips on what attracts carpenter ants to your Los Angeles home.

  • Stumps in your backyard: Carpenter ants like foraging around tree stumps and nest in them. The stump will become more attractive to these ants if it is rotten.
  • Long tree branches extending to your house: If tree branches are touching your house, it is easy to find black carpenter ants in your home because they tend to crawl to high points and attack from there.
  • Standing pools of water: Carpenter ants have an interest in pools of water that are close to structures where they can find food. These pools come to play due to a broken gutter system spilling water, leaking hoses and exterior fixtures, leaking AC units, and plumbing leaks.
  • Piles of wood in your yard: If you find carpenter ants in trees in the yard, you can expect to see these wood-damaging pests in your house. They can also be drawn by wood surrounding your flower bed and stacked wooden construction materials.
  • Entry points: Different access points will lead to carpenter ants in your house. Some entry points include foundation cracks, worn-out door sweeps, and weather stripping. Once they find a tiny entry point, they exploit it to make it bigger.
  • Food leftovers: If your home has an outdoor cooking area, food that is left out can attract carpenter ants. Also, pet food left outside can be an attractant.

Carpenter ants in Los Angeles prefer places with food, water, and shelter like other pests. Therefore, restricting these avenues can limit your property as a perfect hideout for these pests.

Is It Possible To Hear Carpenter Ants In My Walls?

It is possible to hear carpenter ants rustling inside your walls as they tunnel through the wood to extend the carpenter ant nest on your Los Angeles property. Tap any area you think there is carpenter ant activity and listen. But if you are not sure how to go about identifying an infestation, contact ant control professionals from A Step Above Pest Control.

The Extent Of Damage Carpenter Ants Can Do To Your Home

Carpenter ants are hazardous pests that are known to bite humans with their powerful jaws. Although one bite can cause minor irritation, they pose a significant danger to wooden structures. Not only will they destroy thousands of dollars worth of furniture and structures, but they can also cause an entire structure to collapse, injuring the occupants.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants In Your Los Angeles Home For Good

Removing carpenter ants from your property is not as easy as using a carpenter ant spray. Instead, you need to work with pest control experts who know how to inspect a property and uncover ant colonies and their nests. If you spot a few stray carpenter ants, it is wise to get in touch with A Step Above Pest Control company, who are ready to deal with the issue head-on before extensive property damage occurs.

Carpenter ants are dangerous if you allow them to nest in your property. The extent of damage they cause can bring down a wooden structure and cause loss of property and damage to possessions. Since these pests are worse than termites, you need to use the most effective pest control method to remove them. And that is where A Step Above Pest Control comes in. Our team will inspect your property and present the most efficient and conclusive solution to the infestation. Call us today to find out how.

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