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El Segundo, CA Pest Control

Comprehensive Pest Control In El Segundo, CA

Meaning ‘the second’ in Spanish, the town of El Segundo is one of the most historic cities in Santa Monica Bay. This city is well-populated with 17,000 local home and business owners, many of which are located along the beach region of Palisades del Rey. El Segundo is primarily known for maintaining aviation and petroleum-related industries, employing a large portion of the town for manufacturing purposes.

Although El Segundo home and business owners are located in one of California's most beautiful cities, they are not immune to the dangers of everyday living. This includes the presence of pests, which can quickly destroy your peace of mind, local property, and many other things you own and love. Combat these pests effectively with help from A Step Above Pest Control, your local provider of all things residential, commercial, and specialty pest control. Call today to schedule your first appointment! 

Residential Pest Control In El Segundo, CA

Residential pests in El Segundo are a huge problem for homeowners. From rodents and mammals to insects and birds, dozens of pests need constant treatment to eliminate.  

Below are just a few of the common pests we treat at A Step Above Pest Control:

  • Cockroaches 
  • Spiders 
  • Crickets 
  • Earwigs 
  • Silverfish 
  • Pillbugs 
  • Wasps 
  • Fleas 
  • Termites 
  • Ticks 
  • Mosquitoes 
  • Flies 

Sign up for the residential pest control programs at A Step Above Pest Control. We are here to help! 

Commercial Pest Control In El Segundo, CA

Businesses in all industries rely on A Step Above Pest Control to keep their properties, equipment, and outbuildings safe from pest creatures. Below are just a few of the commercial industries we serve:

  1. Hotels And Motels 
  2. Restaurants 
  3. Warehouses  
  4. Distribution Centers 
  5. Educational Facilities 

Find your place on A Step Above Pest Control’s commercial pest control roster. We’re standing by to assist you via any means possible. 

Six Signs Your El Segundo Home May Have A Termite Problem 

Six Signs Your El Segundo Home May Have A Termite Problem 

Termite problems are one thing, but serious termite infestations are quite another. These destructive insects have a reputation for destruction for many homes and business owners in El Segundo. Termite species eat through wooden items, support beams, and related furniture, quickly tearing apart the wood’s cellulose to feed their queen and hive mates. 

One thing that El Segundo homeowners don't realize about termites is that they do not require sleep, rest, or breaks. In reality, termites can continuously eat through your home on a 24/7 basis. These pests destroy personal property, increase fire risks, and make your home or business a dangerous place to live. 

Here are six signs that your El Segundo home may have a serious termite problem:

  1. Biting or chewing sounds coming from the walls. 
  2. Piles of thin wood shavings, also known as frass, around walls, doors, and windows. 
  3. Spotting a termite swarmer or two flying around entry points (particularly windows). 
  4. Mud tunnels running up and down walls or ceilings. 
  5. Catching sight of a termite soldier or drone scuttling about the house. 
  6. Finding a termite colony either inside or outside the home. 

Managing termites on your own can be overwhelming, stressful, or extremely taxing on your family. Instead of handling things on your own, reach out to A Step Above Pest Control professionals. Our outstanding termite prevention programs could be exactly what you need to keep your home and family safe.

Why It's Never Too Late For Mosquito Control In El Segundo

If you have spent any time in El Segundo, you know that mosquitoes are some of the most plentiful pests in the area. These creatures make it difficult to enjoy your lawn to the fullest and have a nasty reputation for spreading itchy bites and potential diseases.

Mosquitoes reproduce by feeding on the blood of a warm-blooded mammal. Next, these insects will lay their eggs in a shallow water source around the yard. Finally, the mosquito larvae will hatch, pupate, and fly away to have children of their own. This unique lifestyle creates a heavy backup of mosquitoes and may create an overwhelming number of parasitic pests within a concise period of time. If you have even a small mosquito presence in your El Segundo yard, it may not be too long before they take over entirely. 

Thankfully, it's never too late to enact proper mosquito control in El Segundo. By harnessing preventative or professional steps, you could quickly eliminate these pesky vectors from the lawn and garden. 

  1. Remove standing water sources from the lawn and garden. 
  2. Eliminate thick vegetation near the sides of the home. 
  3. Cull any flowering plants or nectar-heavy bushes. 

For more tips and tricks related to the control of local mosquitos, contact the professional team behind A Step Above Pest Control. We’re looking forward to serving you well!  

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