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Five Easy Tips To Keep Wasps Away From Your Los Angeles Yard

There aren’t many scary creatures here in Los Angeles. Mostly we have squirrels, birds, and lots and lots of harmless insects. One insect that isn’t so harmless is the wasp. This invading yard pest threatens homeowners with painful stings. If you have had trouble with these invasive stingers in the past and are looking for some tips and tricks to keep them out of your Los Angeles yard, we are here today to help.

Tip#1: Fill In Holes

Not all wasps build their nests underground. The ones that do are considered more harmful than the rest. More specifically, paper wasps and yellow jackets will use holes and the abandoned burrows of yard pests to construct their nests. These nests are much harder to spot than hanging hives and regularly act like landmines to unobservant people walking by.

To make sure wasps are not building nests inside holes around your property, fill them all in. If ground pests keep digging up your yard, have them removed by a professional, and then install a fence around your yard and garden to keep them out in the future.

Tip#2: Clean Up Food

Wasps like sweaty and meaty foods and will eat anything from pollen to a piece of raw steak. If you enjoy eating outdoors, do your best to clean up food scraps and drink spills after you are finished. It also helps to pick up fruit and berries that ripen and drop into your yard. Finally, when sharing a meal outdoors, do your best to keep dishes and drinks covered. This will help deter any wasps looking to crash your party.

Tip#3: Don’t Feed Your Pets Outdoors

If you feed your pets outdoors, you could also be feeding wasps. Two solutions to this are either feeding your pet indoors or washing out their food bowls after they finish a meal.

Tip#4: Knock Down Small Nests As You Find Them

The more wasps that live inside a nest, the more likely you will get swarmed when you knock it down. For this reason, we recommend regularly checking your property and looking for newly formed nests. A good rule to follow is that it should be relatively safe to knock down if it is smaller than a golf ball. With this in mind, do your best to make sure no wasps are around before knocking a nest down.

Tip#5: The Dangers Of Dealing With Wasps

There is a good reason why wasps are feared. These pests pack quite the punch with their stings and are extremely dangerous to people with allergies to insect venom. To make things worse, some wasp species are capable of flying at speeds of over 30 miles per hour and are smart enough to hover over bodies of water if a person they are attacking jumped in to avoid them. All in all, wasps are not a pest you want buzzing around on your property.

Consult With A Professional

If you have any questions about how to keep wasps off your Los Angeles property, do not hesitate to ask the professionals at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite for help. We are experts in pest behaviors and have the tools to effectively remove and control wasps and other dangerous creatures around your property.

Whether you have recently noticed wasps around your property or are trying to remove a nest that has been around for a while, let us help you out. Contact us today to discover more about our comprehensive residential pest control options and schedule your property for a visit.

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