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The Trick To Keeping Rats Away From Your Los Angeles Property

You might know that you don't want rats in your Los Angeles home, but did you know that you don't want them anywhere near your property? Even if you see rats outside, you could be in trouble. Rats may find a way inside and cause severe destruction. Learn more about what you need to do to keep rats away from your property in Los Angeles.

Knowing The Local Rats

In Los Angeles, there are two rats you're likely to encounter. The first rat is the Norway rat, and this rodent is found all across the country. It's stout and can't climb very well, which means you won't see this rat in your attic. You're most likely to find this rat scurrying around a sewer.

Meanwhile, roof rats are more pervasive. They are excellent climbers, often making their way up into trees and roofs. Because these rats are so agile, they can find ways into the most secure of Los Angeles homes. They have a more slender body than Norway rats.

Although Norway and roof rats vary in appearance and agility, they come with a few shared traits. Both creatures are dependent on human beings for their food. This practice dates back to centuries ago when rodents discovered that food scraps could keep them alive. With little effort, rodents could get enough food to thrive.

Because rats rely so much on humans, they're almost guaranteed to try to get into your home. And gaining entry is easier than you think. Even if you don't leave the windows or doors open, you could be making it easy for rodents to get inside your property.

The Main Issues With Rodent Infestations

There are several reasons you don't want your Los Angeles property to have rats in it. For one, rats are known to spread diseases. Their urine and feces are full of bacteria, and this has the potential to make you very ill. Adding to the danger is the fact that rodents also carry parasites. If a mouse has fleas and enters your home, those fleas could soon feed on you and spread disease.

As if becoming sick wasn't bad enough, you also should have another concern. Rodents are notorious for damaging property. If you look into the mouth of a rat or mouse, you can see why they have the reputation. Their sharp teeth tear through wood, electrical wires, and insulation. When rats are in your walls, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage and leave your home vulnerable to a house fire.

One of the most challenging issues about rats is their ability to make any crevice into an opening. After chewing on a small gap, a rodent can transform it into a large hole and use that spot to get into your home. And no matter how hard you try, your home could be vulnerable to rodents.

Tips For Keeping Rats Out

So, you may want to take measures to keep rats away from your Los Angeles property. You can follow a few simple tips to get started:

  • Seal up your property 
  • Store trash properly
  • Maintain a clean yard

For the best results, you should call us at Step Above Pest Control. We can help you with both rat prevention and elimination. As soon as you notice rats in your home, contact us. We have the training and experience it takes to get rid of all the rats on your property. Why put your health and your home in danger? To learn more about how we can help, call us today.

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