What To Know About Bird Mite Control In Los Angeles

Have you ever heard of bird mites? There are many pests in California you've likely seen around your property, but there are others you've probably never even considered. Bird mites are a less common pest that sometimes becomes a problem for humans. They are parasites of wild birds and poultry but sometimes come into contact with people. 

If you have pest birds or own poultry like chicken or ducks, you might be at risk of a bird mite problem. These mites drink the blood of birds to survive, but they can bite people, too. Find out more about these pests and how to prevent them from the Los Angeles pest control experts. 

Identifying The Tiny, Itch-Inducing Bird Mite

Bird mites are tiny pests, but they aren't entirely invisible. They are semi-transparent but look tan or brown and have small hairs on their bodies. They also have eight legs and are an oval shape. While they aren't invisible to the human eye, they are hard to see, especially if there's just one. They look like tiny specks of dirt on your hand or body.

It's sometimes tricky to tell bird mites apart from other parasitic pests such as bed bugs and fleas, but there are a few differences. First, bed bugs are reddish-brown and found on bedding or other furniture. They are a bit bigger than bird mites. Then, the flea is also reddish-brown but has a longer body shape, and you can find them on pets' fur or infested carpets.

 What Does A Bird Mite Bite Look Like

Just like some other parasites, bird mite bites are itchy and annoying. Luckily, these mites aren't known to spread any diseases. They also can't reproduce or survive long without human blood. They won't continually infest your home unless you have birds living inside. This fact is good news, but it doesn't make their bites less disgusting.

It's challenging to tell bird mite bites apart from other bugs because their bite mark is small, red, and non-descript. While these mites won't spread any illnesses, they can lead to secondary infections as you scratch at your itchy skin. If you have a bug bite and aren't sure where it's from, contact a medical professional for help.

Bird Mite Treatment Strategies For Home

Bird mites lay their eggs on feathers or in bird nests, and they may be in your home brought in by pest birds or pet birds. The best way to prevent bird mites is by addressing their host fowl. Here are some tips we suggest:

  • Work with a vet to keep any pets in your home protected.
  • Keep outdoor poultry like chickens and ducks treated for bird mites.
  • Deter pest birds like pigeons by keeping your yard clean of trash and food debris.
  • Make it difficult for wild birds to get inside your house by covering the chimney with caps.

If you have issues with pest birds, they could carry bird mites and other parasites to your property. The best way to remove these pests is with assistance from our bird control experts at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite.

Total Bird Mite Control For Los Angeles Residents 

Our technicians at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite will address bird mites at their source. While these mites might not be the most common pest, they are still detestable and pose health risks. The easiest way to prevent them is with help from home pest control professionals.

Call A Step Above Pest Control & Termite today to learn more about our bird control and parasite prevention.