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Van Nuys, CA Pest Control

Fast-Acting Pest Control In Van Nuys, CA

At less than 10 square miles long, the suburban neighborhood of Van Nuys, CA, is one of San Fernando’s most beloved small towns. This family-friendly city is considered the highest populated neighborhood of San Fernando, home to approximately 140,000 people. Van Nuys is just minutes from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Los Angeles and only a few miles away from iconic landmarks such as the Hollywood sign. Today, home and business owners in Van Nuys rely on their little town as a safe, secure bedroom community.

California attracts people from all walks of life, and Van Nuys is no different. However, one of Van Nuys’ most articulated struggles is attracting the wrong kinds of life, including pest activity. It’s no secret that rats and mice are a genuine threat to this community, as are bed bugs and dangerous spiders. While do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control and prevention are certainly possible, it may take time, effort, and skill to fully eradicate their presence. 

Enter the professional team behind A Step Above Pest Control, one of Van Nuys' most trusted pest prevention, protection, and extermination providers. Learn all about the difference we could make in your home or business by reaching out to trained representatives right away. We can’t wait to serve you! 

Residential Pest Control In Van Nuys, CA

Residential pest control treatments from A Step Above Pest Control follow a tried and true formula: inspection, prevention, and follow-up visits. We strive to make each one of our visits both meaningful and impactful, helping our customers find freedom from: 

  • Roaches 
  • Occasional Invaders 
  • Spiders 
  • Rodents (rats and mice) 
  • Termites 
  • Fleas And Ticks 

Learn more by calling the Van Nuys office of A Step Above Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control In Van Nuys, CA

After three decades in the commercial pest control industry, the professionals behind A Step Above Pest Control have helped industries all over California find relief from the most frustrating pest species. We help organizations all over Van Nuys get and stay pets free, including: 

  • Hotels 
  • Casual Diners 
  • Manufacturing Plants 
  • Retail Stores 
  • Healthcare Facilities 

Get rid of serious pests and protect your business with help from A Step Above Pest Control for years to come. 

Is This Spider In My Van Nuys Home Dangerous?

Contrary to popular belief, all species of spiders have fangs and venom that they must use to hunt their prey. However, the vast majority of arachnids in the United States cannot hurt, maim, or otherwise poison human beings. Instead, their bites do little more than raise or irritate the skin. 

There are two species of dangerous spider in Van Nuys: the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. Although each species is relatively rare and mostly non-aggressive, they can and will bite when threatened. 

Here are some ways to identify a dangerous spider species in your Van Nuys home: 

  • Shiny black exoskeletons or furry, brown bodies 
  • A red hourglass symbol or faded ‘fiddle’ marking 
  • Spiders located underneath rocks, play equipment, or undisturbed sections of the garage 

Learn more about dangerous spider defense with help from A Step Above Pest Control. 

A Handy Guide To Bed Bug Prevention For Van Nuys Property Owners

Bed bugs are some of the most frustrating and destructive pests in Van Nuys. Although these creatures may not eat, hollow out, or destroy personal property, bed bugs still take a toll on our physical and mental bodies. Ongoing infestations lead to itchy bites and secondary infections from scratching. Serious or long-term problems can develop into struggles with insomnia, anemia, or sleepwalking, among other things. 

Bed bugs cannot always be avoided, especially in a city as vibrant and busy as Van Nuys. However, there may be some tips and techniques to follow that can reduce your risks for infestation: 

  1. Start by washing all clothing after returning from a trip. Whether or not you choose to wear all packed articles of clothing, be sure to wash everything in the highest possible heat setting. 
  2. Check your overnight lodgings for any sign of bed bug activity. The most obvious giveaways include red feeding splotches, black or brown excrement stains, and a sickly sweet odor with no specific origination point. If any of these signs are noticeable in your hotel or motel room, leave immediately. 
  3. Store your luggage, backpacks, and handbags off the floor while traveling. If possible, store these on your lap, or place them on proper storage racks. 

While helpful, these prevention steps may not be enough to eliminate an entire bed bug problem. If you suspect that you have been exposed to bed bugs in Van Nuys, reach out to A Step Above Pest Control to rectify the problem. We are looking forward to helping you get and stay pest-free. 

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