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Earwigs In Los Angeles: Learn The Facts To Effective Earwig Control

In many cases, a great deal of information is needed to address a situation well. It’s very true in the face of issues with insects and creatures. Without essential facts, you won’t successfully combat intrusive critters. You have to be sufficiently prepared, as many species can infringe upon your home unnoticed. Damaged belongings and structures may be the only evidence you have that something is wrong. Pest control in Los Angeles is pivotal. 

Since earwigs aren’t talked about extensively, hearing tips or details about them is somewhat rare. People are uneasy because they don’t know if the bugs are lethal. Myths about how they function persist. On the front of management, earwig repellent is said to be useful; in actuality, it won’t work at all. Learn more now about how to get rid of earwigs for real. A Step Above Pest Control & Termite can help. 

What Do Earwigs In Los Angeles Look Like? 

The wiry and flat bodies of earwigs are reddish-brown and 0.20 to 0.98 of an inch long. Despite having two pairs of wings, they cannot fly. Two jutting pincers from their abdomens support their prey-hunting, reproduction, and defense. They discharge fluid that stinks during these processes. An earwig pinch will result in small scratches and mild pain. You shouldn’t have any broken skin.

What Attracts Earwigs To Your Los Angeles Home 

Decaying vegetation, greenery, sprouts, and similar are what earwigs consume. That said, they are a menace to crops and lawns. They feed on other critters too. Damp and cool locations with shade are where they’ll lay eggs. Populations of these pests will be near logs, rocks, gardens, and mulch.

Other things to remember about earwigs are:

  • They’re nocturnal creatures 
  • They can run swiftly 
  • They’ll penetrate homes during dry weather 
  • Their hiding places include laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms  
  • They travel in masses, but earwig infestations are uncommon

Five Myths About Earwigs

  • Myth#1: They Chew Human Brains: These insects munch on food products, insects, and organic matter.
  • Myth#2: They Crawl In Human Ears: Earwigs don’t target your ears; the chances of them slipping in are equal to that of others. 
  • Myth #3: They Are Carriers Of Disease: These critters don’t spread illnesses.
  • Myth#4: They Are Poisonous: Again, earwig pinches aren’t deadly or toxic. 
  • Myth#5: They Are Identical To Silverfish: Silverfish vary more in color, have an extra appendage, and have a more comprehensive diet. They aren’t the same as earwigs.

How To Keep Your Los Angeles Home Earwig Free 

Earwig repellents and other retail insecticides are expensive and noxious, but that doesn’t mean they’re a match against groups of bugs. These items can’t handle severe problems, nor can natural “do it yourself” avenues. Perform these tasks instead: 

  • Lay gravel instead of soil for your property’s perimeter.
  • Sit plants, wood, and rocks feet away from the property. 
  • Trim grass and greenery on a routine basis.
  • Angle gutters and downspouts away from foundations.
  • Attach sweeps to all doors that face the outside.
  • Patch up openings in foundations.  
  • Use a dehumidifier to regulate warmth. 
  • Have white outdoor lights rather than yellow ones; earwigs are drawn to yellow bulbs. 
  • Inspect newspapers, packages, flowers, and outdoor furniture before bringing them indoors. 
  • Put food and trash in secure canisters.

If you want to get rid of earwigs, reach out to us at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite. We have safe home pest control treatments that are industrial-grade. Our solutions are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Earwig infestations are guaranteed to end. Call today for a free quote for pest control!