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The Best Ways To Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Los Angeles Home

There are many strange-looking insects around the world, but few are as strange as the silverfish. This fish-like, silver-scaled insect loves to break into homes in our area and is a real threat to property and mental stability. If you have recently noticed these small, silver bugs inside your Los Angeles home or are looking for the best ways to keep silverfish away, here are some things to consider today.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are small, silver-scaled insects that share a striking resemblance to fish. Further identify these pests by their two long, straight antennae and three bristle-like tail appendages. One thing silverfish love and need to survive is moisture. They most often live in areas with humidity levels between 75 and 95%. If areas inside your home provide these pests with levels similar to these, then these pests will be more than happy to live indoors.

What Do Silverfish Eat?

Silverfish enjoy foods that are high in starch or are protein-rich. When inside homes, these silver pests scavenge for food over countertops, inside pantries, and anywhere else where snacks might be found. Silverfish will also munch on the fibers in carpets, drapes, and other fabrics. More specifically they will eat the surface of textiles, leaving clothing and rugs with a shaved appearance.

What Attracts Silverfish To Homes?

Silverfish go wherever they might find food and humidity. If your living areas seem like a viable option for these pests, they will be likely to stick around if they get inside. The question is, where do silverfish come from? In our studies, we have found there are two main ways silverfish find their way into area homes. The first is by crawling through gaps, cracks, and damage inside exterior walls and foundational blocks. The second way is by hiding inside boxes of decorations or other items and hitchhiking their way indoors during the holiday season. 

Some Strategies To Prevent Silverfish

In order to prevent silverfish, you have to reduce factors that draw them in and eliminate entry points. Here are a few practical ways to do this.

  • Repair leaky faucets and piping inside and around your home.
  • Eliminate sources of water build-up around your property after it rains.
  • Use a dehumidifier indoors, especially during more humid seasons of the year.
  • Make sure your gutters are in good working condition and that they are clear of debris and clutter.
  • Identify holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s foundation and spacing around window/door frames. Use a caulking gun to fill in these entry points.
  • Make sure all of your window/door screens are intact and installed properly.
  • Install door sweeps under all doors leading out of your home.
  • Repair or replace damaged weatherstripping. 
  • Check boxes of decorations for silverfish before bringing them indoors during the holidays.
  • Repackage storage items into sealable plastic totes.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional For Your Silverfish Problems

Silverfish are not inherently dangerous pests. They will, however, damage your property and cause annoyances. If you have recently seen these strange-looking insects crawling over your furniture, skittering through your carpets, or anywhere else inside your home, do not hesitate to involve the residential pest control experts at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite. Our team of licensed technicians will inspect your property for pest pressures, eliminate problems we find, and recommend some long-term options to help keep invasive insects like silverfish outside where they belong.

Call today to learn more about our services and find a time to have your Los Angeles home treated for destructive silverfish.