Los Angeles' Complete Cockroach Prevention Guide

There are many dirty creatures that like to invade homes here in Los Angeles. Cockroaches are among the most common. These filthy insects consume trash, the fecal droppings of other creatures, dead animals, and other things that are covered with bacteria, pathogens, and parasites. Cockroaches can then carry these sickness vectors throughout homes and threaten people with sickness. To help you avoid getting sick from a cockroach infestation in our area, here is a complete prevention guide to keeping these filthy pests out of your Los Angeles home.

Keep Up With General House Cleaning

Cockroaches feel most comfortable inside cluttered and dirty environments. If your home is messy or provides these pests with messy places to live, they will want to be around. To make your living areas less attractive to these problematic pests, we recommend maintaining a clean environment both in and around your home. This should include washing off countertops and tables daily, washing dishes and wiping down sinks at the end of every day, addressing food messes and drink spills as they occur, reducing clutter in and around your home, keeping up with your lawn and landscaping, and thoroughly cleaning beneath large kitchen appliances and other tight areas where roaches like to hide.

Seal Holes Gaps And Cracks In Your Home’s Exterior Foundation

There are four types of problematic roaches that live in Los Angeles: American cockroaches, German cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, and brown-banded cockroaches. All four of these pests get into homes by crawling through exterior damage, open doors or windows, or through utility piping. To make your living areas less accessible, try these exclusion tips.

  • Use a caulking gun or some liquid cement to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation
  • Make sure all of your window/door screens are in good working condition.
  • Invest in quality door sweeps to protect your exterior doors.
  • Inspect your home’s weatherstripping to make sure it is in good repair.
  • Keep doors and windows closed when they are not in use, especially if they are not protected with screens.
  • Install fine metal screens over exposed utility piping and ventilation that leads out of your home.

Address Moisture Issues In And Around Your Home

Sometimes cockroaches look for moisture in a home. They need moisture for their bodies and to drink. Make sure roaches are not staying well hydrated inside your home or around your property by repairing damage to pipes and fixtures, wiping down sinks and bathtubs after using them, eliminating rainwater buildup on your property, terraforming your yard to reduce moisture build-up, making sure your gutters are in good working condition, and using a dehumidifier around humid areas of your home like basements, laundry rooms, and crawlspaces.

Hire A Professional

Of all the tips we could offer you, the best one is to hire a professional. You would be surprised at how affordable quality cockroach control services have become in recent years. To make sure your Los Angeles home is well protected against small cockroaches, big cockroaches, and flying cockroaches, trust the pest control professionals at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite. We have experience in dealing with annoying, dangerous, and destructive pests and have invested good money into advancing our control measures to best help our community. If you suspect roaches are inside your home but do not know for certain, let us come out to take a look. We will identify what pest problems you are up against before putting treatments in place.

Contact our team today to discover more about our options and schedule a service time for your Los Angeles home.

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