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The Key To Effective Rodent Control For Your Los Angeles Home

We have a variety of rodent pests in Los Angeles. When these furry animals get into your home, they can create problems. Some of the problems they create might surprise you. Let's take a look at the types of rodents in Los Angeles, the problems different rodents can present to health and property, and what you can do to prevent and control rodents.

The Types Of Rodents That Commonly Invade Los Angeles Homes

We basically have three kinds of rodents that get into L.A. homes. They are micerats, and squirrels. These are the rodents we're going to focus on today. We'll leave ground rodents, such as pocket gophers, groundhogs, and voles, for another article. Ground rodents are lawn pests. They don't get into homes.

Mice, rats, and, to a certain extent, squirrels, can become household rodent pests. This is because they are domestic rodents. They have been living in close proximity to humans for so long, they've become somewhat dependent on us.

Rats and mice are so commonly found in structures that they are almost synonymous with the term "rodent". When someone says, "I have a rodent problem," what animals come to mind? We're betting, rats and mice. Squirrels get in occasionally, but they don't move around in structures. They usually limit themselves to attic spaces. For this reason, they do not cause as many problems as rats and mice.   

All The Problems Rodents Can Create In Your Home

When rodents get into your Los Angeles home, there are a few things you can expect. While different rodents are slightly different in their behaviors, they share many similarities, such as:

  • All rodents will leave droppings and urine in the areas they explore. These cause contamination.
  • All rodents chew on things to see if they are food. Mice, rats, and squirrels are known to chew on wiring. This can lead to a house fire.
  • All rodents bring ticks, fleas, and other parasites in with them.
  • All rodents get into garbage and can be a mechanical vector for harmful bacteria.
  • Rats and mice get into stored foods and can contaminate them.

In light of the ways rodents can be a problem, it is important to do what you can to keep them out. This may require rolling up your sleeves. 

Five Naturally Effective Rodent Prevention Tips For Your Home

How do you keep Domestic rodents from moving into your home? The secret is to get into the mind of a rodent. You need to consider why rodents come into your yard, what makes them feel comfortable to explore your exterior, and how they might get inside.

  1. Remove any trash in your yard and keep all garbage in covered containers. The scent of garbage is a strong attractant for rodents.
  2. Remove obvious food options. Rodents eat seeds, nuts, and fruit. If you have birdfeeders, consider moving them to at least 25 feet from your exterior. If you have trees that produce nuts or fruit, stay on top of cleaning up these food sources from the ground.
  3. Remove access to entry points. Mice, rats, and squirrels are all able to chew holes to get into your home. They'll get in through low points and high points. You can deter them from getting to high entry points by trimming tree branches away from your roofline and by putting wire mesh in the downspouts of your gutter system.
  4. Seal gaps. Mice and rats are attracted to tight spaces and will quickly explore any gap you give them. Inspect your utilities and make sure there are no gaps around pipes or wire conduits. Inspect your exterior doors and make sure there are no gaps in weatherstripping or doors sweeps. If you see areas where rodents are gnawing, use metal flashing to protect them.
  5. Consider points rodents might exploit. A rodent can get in through a gable vent, so it is important to use hardware cloth to protect this point of entry. A rodent can get in through a dry exhaust; put wire mesh over the opening to prevent this. Make sure every potential entry point is protected. Keep in mind that protective products made of metal are the best way to keep rodents out.

The unfortunate reality of rodent control is that it is a lot of work. It also requires certain skills. If you're good with your hands and you don't mind doing the work, you can have success keeping mice, rats, and squirrels out of your home.

If you would rather have a trained professional handle exclusions and rodent proofing, reach out to us at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite. We provide a range of rodent control services in Los Angeles, including inspections, rodent proofing, baiting, trapping, and sanitation. When you want control that is a step above, A Step Above Pest Control & Termite is the right choice in Los Angeles.

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