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Are You Having A Hard Time Getting Rid Of Mice In Los Angeles?


Rodents are the mammals that constitute the largest single grouping in the class. At least 1,500 species of rodents exist throughout the world. All rodents have upper and lower front teeth called incisors, which grow constantly. Rodents have a habit of grinding their teeth and gnawing on things—which is especially problematic when chewing through wiring or cabling in a home or business. 

The most common types of rodents that create problems for local homeowners include house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. House mice typically have brown or grey fur, a body ranging from three to four inches long, and a tail of roughly the same length. Based on their small size, house mice will enter a home through tiny openings. 

How can I tell the difference between rats and mice? Generally speaking, rats are twice the length of mice. While rats generally produce three to six litters of less than ten offspring, mice create five to ten litters each year, with often more than ten pups. As archenemies, mice, and rats will not coexist in the same structure. 

Are you detecting the presence of mice in your home? Mice are strong breeders, and minor problems can quickly transition to full-blown infestations; therefore, seeking assistance from a licensed pest controller is the best solution. An experienced Los Angeles pest control professional is familiar with the various types of mice in California and applies this insight when devising the best treatment options and preventative measures.

Does One Mouse Mean I Have An Infestation?

Seeing a lone mouse within your home is not a definite indication that an infestation exists. However, both mice and rats are social creatures that will quickly proliferate and expand their presence. Looking into local exterminators for mice is always best to be safe if you do see one.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Rodents On My Property?

Are house mice dangerous creatures? House mice are usually fearful of humans and will flee quickly from any encounter. Some of the most common dangers that mice pose include salmonellosis, tularemia, and leptospirosis, and they often carry harmful parasites. Mice will contaminate food and surfaces with urine and feces and accumulations of fur, shed skin, and excrement may trigger adverse allergic reactions. 

Why It's So Hard To Get Rid Of House Mice On Your Own

Mice are primarily nocturnal pests that will hide during the day and come out at night. Once indoors, mice may hide in hard-to-reach places and avoid detection. 

Are you wondering how to get rid of mice in your home? As with most pests, mice enter and remain in locations that provide access to sufficient supplies of food; thus, consider implementing the following: 

  • Keep kitchen floors free of crumbs and countertops clean.
  • Promptly move leftover food into the refrigerator or a sturdy, sealed container. 
  • Kitchen area trash cans must have a functional lid that will effectively limit access to food scraps inside.

Because of the difficulties involved with ousting large infestations, homeowners should consider learning and implementing the best preventative measures, such as limiting points of entry. 

The Secret To Complete Rodent Control For Your Home

A Step Above Pest Control & Termite remains a family-owned service provider that solves pest-related problems for home and business owners in Los Angeles. Our properly trained service professionals know how to exterminate mice from the premises and will identify any existing property conditions that make the home vulnerable to future rodent intrusions. 

Our specialists have a variety of treatment options available at their disposal. For example, we may strategically position bait stations throughout the property or use types of traps. We also provide minor repair, replacement, and sanitation services after expelling an infestation.

Keep in mind that we always ensure customer satisfaction by providing a guarantee. Area homeowners experiencing rodent problems should contact our office today.

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