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Are There Pigeons Nesting Around Your Commercial Space In Los Angeles?


Birds are warm-blooded creatures with wings that exist in many thousands of species. The majority of birds can fly, and some also can dive, swim, run, and jump. Most birds reside in remote areas away from urban centers; however, some types, including pigeons, will live near humans. 

“Common” pigeons or rock doves (Columba livia) are small to mid-sized birds commonly seen in parks, beneath bridges, or around city buildings. According to the National Audubon Society, they originated in parts of Europe, North Africa, and India and now exist as wild birds throughout the U.S. Colors may vary, but they usually have a bluish-grey body with black markings on their wings and red feet. 

Pigeons have plump bodies that measure roughly 12 inches and weigh about 12 ounces. The Los Angeles Department of Agricultural says that the band-tailed pigeon is another species found in the foothill areas that is native to California. The band-tailed pigeon is often slightly bigger than the rock pigeon and has a white “crescent-like” marking on its neck. 

Are you a local business owner that needs commercial pigeon control services? An experienced Los Angeles pest control professional understands how to control pigeons and will implement strategies that effectively prevent these flying pests from returning to the premises in the future.

How Can I Tell If The Nest On My Roof Is A Pigeon Nest?

Pigeons in Los Angeles create nests in spaces, including crevices, eaves, overhangs, parking decks, and abandoned buildings. The materials used for constructing a nest might include sticks, grass, straw, and leaves that they sloppily bundle together. Females generate one or two eggs per cycle, and the emerging offspring eat predigested liquid. 

All The Problems Pest Birds Can Create For Your Business

Do you wonder what problems pigeons might create for you and your business? Some of the largest concerns associated with these flying pests include the following: 

  • Pigeon feces is corrosive and causes premature erosion of building exteriors or the finish on cars.  
  • Nests, scattered nesting materials, and feces may clog gutter systems or drains.
  • Pigeons commonly carry harmful parasites such as ticks or fleas.
  • They are known carriers of cryptococcosis, psittacosis, toxoplasmosis, and other health concerns. 

Another indirect, pigeon-related problem is bird mites, which often feed on the blood of young birds. Although blood from birds is their primary food source, they might feed on humans or pets as well. This is why we recommend pigeon control in Los Angeles.

It's Extremely Difficult To Get Rid Of Pest Birds On Your Own 

Too many local residents who encounter bird-related problems mistakenly take matters into their own hands by purchasing do-it-yourself treatment options such as traps, repellants, and gimmicky pigeon control devices sold in local stores or through online retailers. Unfortunately, many of these products create mediocre results that simply prolong frustration. The recommended solution for bird-related concerns is consulting with a licensed pest control professional. 

The Safe And Effective Bird Control Solution For Your Property

Are you in need of professional pest control for pigeons? The qualified technicians with A Step Above Pest Control & Termite provide comprehensive commercial and residential pigeon control services that substantially reduce the population of unwanted birds. Our team receives proper training in removing birds from attics or other areas of a home and provides follow-up services for cleaning and sanitizing the area. We also specialize in prevention strategies that involve repellants, netting, spikes, and more. 

As a full-service provider of pest control solutions for residential and commercial customers, we also treat problems with termites, bed bugs, stinging insects, rodents, and various other burdensome and harmful critters. Our local clients often express appreciation regarding our top-quality customer service and how we stand behind performance with a satisfaction guarantee.

For a consultation, contact our office today.

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