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The Most Effective Rodent Control For Los Angeles Properties

Rodent control is essential for Los Angeles properties to keep all rodents away from your home and avoid the health risks rodents present. You can turn to Los Angeles pest control to help you with this, and put prevention tactics into place to deter common rodents.

Common Types Of Home-Invading Rodents In Los Angeles

There are several different types of rodents that you may encounter around your Los Angeles property. These common rodents listed below can help you decide which types of rodents are infesting your home.

  • Norway Rat: Typically brown in coloration, they prefer to live in burrows.
  • Roof Rat: Usually black in coloration, they are expert climbers, and prefer spaces such as attics.
  • California Mouse: They are small with an overall orange to dark brown colored coat.

And keep in mind that if you are having a difficult time with rodent identification, you can always reach out to our professionals at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite for more help.

The Dangers A Rodent Infestation Can Cause On Your Property

As rodents start to invade your property and grow in number, they bring with them many dangers. To begin with, all rodents are known as significant carriers of disease. You can contract illnesses such as the plague, tularemia, hantavirus, salmonella, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis from contact with rodents, via contaminated food, or by encountering rodent urine and feces. Rodents may also leave behind parasites such as flea, ticks, and mites on your property that start their invasion.

Additionally, all rodents feel a constant need to chew. This results in significant damage around your home as rodents chew through internal structures, wood, brick, electrical wiring, or stored items. A costly repair bill and severe damage to electrical or utility systems can easily result from a rodent infestation.

Four Easy And Effective Rodent Prevention Tips For Your Home

If you want to deter rodents from settling around your home, you can follow these simple prevention tips:

  1. Seal up potential rodent entry points such as cracks in windows, doors, and the foundation using a chew-proof material (steel wool). You can also invest in a chimney cap and window and door screens to keep this pest out.
  2. Remove debris from the yard, such as fallen fruit and branches, and keep the grass trimmed low. This reduces outdoor rodent hiding spots.
  3. Ensure that you dispose of all waste in tightly sealed bags and that outdoor trash cans have lids. Also, store leftover food and drink appropriately in your home. This keeps the aroma from attracting rodents that want to scavenge.
  4. Address moisture issues around your property and fix any leaks. This prevents pools of excess water from bringing rodents to your home.

Why Professional Rodent Control Is A Great Idea For Your Home

Professional rodent control is the best way to go to get rid of rodents for good. Our professionals at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite can inspect your property for rodents and their favorite hiding places before developing tailored treatment plans based on your home’s exact needs. With the help of A Step Above Pest Control & Termite, any rodent infestation you are battling can be taken care of in no time, and you can live in your Los Angeles home completely stress-free.

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