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Are Argentine Ants Taking Over Your Los Angeles Home?

here are many ants in Los Angeles that cause issues for homeowners. For example, the carpenter ant is destructive and tunnels into wooden objects. If there's one thing all ants in the area do, it's to invade in large numbers and the Argentine ant might be the worst culprit. They are incredibly invasive and have large colonies. 

Because of their large colonies, the best way to control Argentine ants is to prevent them in the first place. In this guide, we'll give you tips for avoiding Argentine ants and learning how to remove them. Keep reading for help from the Los Angeles ant control experts.

Are Argentine Ants An Invasive Species?

Yes, Argentine ants are invasive. They reproduce so rapidly that they overwhelm homes quickly. Their colonies often contain hundreds of thousands of ants, so it's' difficult to remove them using DIY methods.

Argentine ants are challenging to remove because they usually have multiple queens and you can't just eradicate one queen and depend on the colony to Surviving ants break off and form new nests whenever they feel threatened. So, while all ants in the area pose problems, Argentine ants are a particular concern. 

It's also worth noting that these ants are foragers who will get into food sources like your pantry if they get a chance. 

What To Know About The Lifecycle Of Argentine Ants

Argentine ant colonies may have hundreds of queens. There are generally around 15 queens for every 1,000 workers in the nest. They also are adept at reproducing because they use a process called budding. This reproductive method involves male ants mating with queens while still in the original nest. Then, the queen will break off with worker ants to create a new nest and connect through ant highways.

All of these behaviors make Argentine ant control a considerable problem. Their colonies often sprawl all around your property, and most over-the-counter products aren't going to eliminate every single queen. 

These ants are prolific breeders, so it's easy to come back in full force even if you destroy one part of the system. Just one Argentine ant queen lays up to 60 eggs per day. The worker ants hatch in around 70 days and are all infertile females. These worker ants live up to a year. 

Getting Rid Of Argentine Ants 

It's much easier to prevent Argentine ants than removing them, but it's difficult to remember to prioritize and control. If you don't have Argentine ants yet, you can deter them by eliminating the factors that attract them. We suggest keeping lids on trash cans, removing yard debris, and sealing entry points into your house.

These ants are so expensive and invasive that it's not worth the time and money trying to remove them on your own. So, if you already have an ant problem, the best way to remove it is through Los Angeles pest control services. A Step Above Pest Control & Termite provides safe, reliable Argentine ant removal options. 

Total Ant Control For Los Angeles Residents 

At A Step Above Pest Control & Termite, we have over 25 years of experience removing Argentine ants and other ants from area homes. We are family-owned and operated, so we understand how frustrating ant infestations are and how they impact your life. Our trained technicians will assess your property for ant problems and then work with you to devise a treatment plan. Our home pest control plans include eradicating current ants and preventing future infestations. 

Call our home pest control team today to request a quote or schedule a service. 

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