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Pigeons In Los Angeles Can Be Dangerous

If there’s one bird species that can be found almost anywhere in the United States, it’s the pigeon. These birds are common in rural, suburban, and urban areas, and they easily adapt to live alongside people, including throughout Los Angeles, California.

In fact, pigeons are such a common background, especially in cities, that they start to fade into the hustle and bustle as just a part of life. Most people don’t even pay attention to them, or they enjoy feeding them scraps of food, but the truth is that pigeons can pose major problems for property owners.

What Are Pigeons?

You likely have a good idea of what pigeons look like, but it’s still useful to have a refresher on their characteristics to tell them apart from other birds. Pigeons have grayish feathers covering most of their body highlighted by iridescent-looking feathers in purples and greens around their neck and heads. Their wings have black bands and they grow up to 15 inches tall.

In this guide, you’ll learn why pigeons can be dangerous to have around and get tips on how to keep them away from your property.

What Makes Pigeons So Dangerous?

While not all pigeons are going to cause health problems, there is always a risk. Many of the concerns boil down to pigeon droppings. This feces can contain a fungal spore called histoplasmosis that may lead to fever, cough, fatigue, and other health problems as it is a lung-related illness.

Because of this, having pigeons roosting around your home or business can be dangerous as this spore is released into the air. And, besides, there are also other fungal bacteria strains that can be present in pigeon poop.

Also, pigeons’ droppings can cause damage to the sides of buildings or machinery as they build up, and there is also some slip and fall risk if pigeons are allowed to hang around.

How Can You Remove Pigeons From Around Your Property?

Once pigeons have already started to roost around your home or business, they can be quite the pain to remove. The easiest way to get rid of the infestation is with help from A Step Above Pest Control & Termite. We will handle residential or commercial pest control needs for these difficult birds, and we will then work with you to keep them away in the future.

Learn more about how to get rid of pigeons and other pest birds by contacting us today to request a quote.

How Can You Discourage Pigeons From Nesting?

While removing and controlling pigeons is most effective with professional assistance, you can still take time to prevent pigeons in the future for added protection. These tips can help deter pigeons from landing and spending time around your yard:

  • Use landing spikes or similar products to keep pigeons from roosting.
  • Try using metal reflectors or plastic owls to keep pigeons away.
  • Remove bird feeders from around the property.
  • Clean up trash and cover garbage cans with lids. This can help reduce the food items that attract pigeons.
  • If your building has roofs and siding that incorporate nooks, you can use netting or wire to keep pigeons away.
  • Get rid of water sources such as birdbaths.

For more advice or assistance controlling pigeons on your Los Angeles property, don't hesitate to call the experts at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite.

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