Los Angeles's Helpful Guide To Effective Fly Control

If you're like many businesses and homeowners in Los Angeles, you're dealing with a fly problem. Flies can be a real nuisance, and they can also be dangerous. That's why it's essential to take action to get rid of them as soon as possible. Get in touch with a reputable Los Angeles Pest Control firm. They have different methods to get rid of flies and helpful tips on preventing them from coming back.

Common Types Of Flies That Invade Homes In Los Angeles

To get rid of flies, it's crucial first to identify the species of fly that is infesting your property. There are many different flies, but some are more common than others in Los Angeles. The most common types of flies are:

  • House Fly: This is the most common type of fly. It's found worldwide and has a black thorax and abdomen.
  • Fruit Fly: Fruit flies like ripening fruit and vegetables. They can also be in drains and garbage cans.
  • Sewer Fly: Sewer flies are often near dumpsters and trash cans. They feed on decaying organic matter and are commonly near rotting food or sewage.
  • Drain Fly: Drain flies breed in moist environments, such as sinks, drains, and toilets.

Quick action is vital when it comes to getting rid of flies. Contact a professional Los Angeles pest control company for the best way to kill flies. Their experience and expertise can help you get rid of these pests.

Why Flies In Your Home Can Be A Health Risk

Flies can be a health hazard because they are known to spread disease. They often land on food and other surfaces before landing in your mouth and can transmit bacteria and viruses. Some of the diseases that flies can spread include:

  • Salmonella: Is a foodborne illness
  • E. coli: This can cause diarrhea and vomiting
  • Hepatitis A: A virus that affects the liver
  • Shigellosis: Is a bacterial disease that causes diarrhea
  • Poliomyelitis: Is a virus that can cause paralysis

To protect your family from the health risks posed by flies, it's essential to look for the best way to catch flies and home remedies to kill flies—something a pest control company can do for you.

Five Naturally Effective Fly Prevention Tips For Your Home

As you know, harsh chemicals and pesticides aren't always the best way to kill flies. These substances can devastate the environment and pose a health hazard to your family. Instead, there are many natural remedies for flies that are just as effective, if not more so. Here are five tips to help you prevent flies from invading your home:

  • Install flypaper or flytrap. Flypapers are sheets of paper coated with a sticky substance that traps flies.
  • Keep your home clean and free of clutter. Flies are attracted to messes and garbage, so keeping your home clean will help keep them away.
  • Remove ripe fruit and vegetables from your kitchen. Fruit flies like ripening fruit, so keeping it out of your kitchen will help keep them away.
  • Use a screen on your windows and doors. Screens will keep flies out of your home, and they are also helpful in preventing other types of pests from entering.
  • Keep your garbage cans closed and clean. Garbage attracts flies, so keeping them sealed and neat will help keep the pests away.

These are just a few of the many natural remedies for flies. However, consult a pest control company for the best way to get rid of flies in your home.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Flies In Your Home And Keep Them Out

Ultimately, the best way to get rid of flies is to contact a professional Los Angeles pest control company like A Step Above Pest Control & Termite. We can help you identify the source of your fly problem and provide the best way to catch flies, including home remedies to kill safe and effective flies. Call us today for a free consultation.

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