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Pest Spotlight: Los Angeles House Flies

Flies within your home are not only gross but also a dangerous health hazard for your family. House flies forage for food in all manner of environments, picking up disease-causing germs on their bodies. They later deposit the pathogens on food packages and surfaces that they land. Protect your family with active pest control in Los Angeles to eliminate the bugs.

Types Of Flies You Can Find Inside Los Angeles Homes

The different types of flies invade your home, searching for food and a spot to nest and breed. Once they get a foothold, it can become difficult to get rid of the flies from your property. Common types of flies that cause infestations in Los Angeles homes are:

  • House flies
  • Drain flies 
  • Blow flies
  • Fungus gnats 
  • Stable flies
  • Cluster flies 
  • Flesh flies 
  • Fruit flies 

Identifying the different fly species is essential to developing the proper treatment plans to remove them from your property. If you’re unsure of the type of bug infestation you have, call in a Los Angeles pest control expert. 

Why Do Flies Sit On Humans?

You may become disgusted by the fly hovering around and perching on your skin as you eat. Despite the frequent swatting, the nuisance insects may seem to be chasing you due to:

  • Foul odors: Flies have an excellent sense of smell. Sweating, dead cells, and bacterial activity on your skin can result in body odors that attract the pests to sit on you. 
  • Body oils: The body oils and sweat present excellent food sources for the incessant flies, making them determined to sit on you. 
  • Carbon dioxide: The fly hell-bent on getting to your nose may be following the carbon dioxide you are breathing out. 
  • Body warmth: The flies are always searching for a warm spot to eat, vomit, and lay eggs, and the complex eyes can pick out your skin surface as an excellent surface. 
  • Open wounds: Lesions ooze puss and release foul odors that can attract flies to land on you. 

You need a quick and effective solution for the different species of flies ruining your dinners and weekend barbeques. Professional exterminators can eliminate the nuisance pest for good. 

Prevention Tips For The House Fly And Other Filthy Flies

While not all species of flies are harmful, they can become a nuisance as they buzz and fly around you or your pets. Here are tips you can use to deter the flies from your Los Angeles home:

  1. Use fly sprays or bug bombs to eliminate the house fly infestation present in your home.
  2. Use light or sticky traps to eradicate the insects.
  3. Use natural repellants such as essential oils for flies.
  4. Prepare a homemade fly trap from vinegar and dish soap.
  5. Install bug screens on your windows and doors, keeping them closed when not in use.
  6. Make sure your garbage cans have tightly-sealed cover tops to keep the flies out
  7. Clean any food spills immediately.
  8. Promptly repair any blocked sewer lines to get rid of gnat drain flies.

You need to watch out when using insecticides around your kids and pests. It’s better to leave any chemical treatments to the pest control professionals. 

Professional Indoor Fly Reduction Services In Los Angeles

The best way to keep flies away from your home is to use expert pest exterminators. At A Step Above Pest Control & Termite, our technicians can eliminate the existing fly infestation and put in measures to prevent the flies from accessing your home. 

Our trained experts can conduct thorough inspections, accurate fly identification, and deploy effective fly control treatments. Reach out to us today to learn about eliminating the dangerous and annoying critters from your Los Angeles home. 

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