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Frequently Asked Questions About The Fleas That Live In Los Angeles

Fleas are a menace in Los Angeles. These pesky critters bite humans and animals and can also transmit diseases.

They may be annoyingly tiny but multiply fast and can cause plenty of havoc within a short time. That's why you should act fast even if you just spot one. Call pest control in Los Angeles to eliminate them effectively.

Fleas: Facts And Identification

Here are some facts on these pesky home invaders that you should be aware of:

  1. An adult flea excretes blood- it has at least fifteen blood meals per day. Its waste is dried blood residue.
  2. Fleas are expert jumpers- they may not fly, but these menaces are pros at flinging themselves upward.
  3. They're pretty skinny- this is to help them maneuver their way around your pet's coat without getting caught up in the fine hairs.
  4. They prefer humid surroundings- they live longer in such environments. Baby fleas may not make it when the relative humidity is under sixty or seventy percent.
  5. Cat fleas- a species of the pests- attack even in homes without pets- contrary to their name, they don't attack kitties alone. They feed on dogs too.
  6. They drink blood regardless of the host- they can sense the carbon dioxide quantity in the air when we breathe out. What's more, they pick up their victim's vibrations as they move and jump in their direction when the victim gets near, regardless of the victim's species.

What does a flea bug look like? It’s a small, dark reddish-brown pest that has a hard body. The adults have strong back legs, which they use to jump around. Plus, they're wingless with two antennae and six legs.

Do Fleas Die Without A Host?

No, they don't. Even though they can't live for long without blood, if you're planning to go on a long vacation and want to get rid of fleas before you leave, that won't work.

The females lay their eggs while on the host's body- often in their fur- and as soon as they fall off, the flea eggs hatch after about two days.

The larvae that emerge then burrow themselves into the ground to feed and grow. They eventually turn into pupae before they develop into adults. At this stage, they can stay in their cocoons for months without emerging until they sense a nearby host.

Is It True That Fleas Burrow Under Skin?

There are different types of fleas, so it depends on the species, but they don't burrow under the skin in most cases, even when they're feeding on their host's blood. Instead, the flea pierces through the skin with its long mouth and inserts its tube to access the red fluid.

Don't Let Fleas Take Over Your Home

You might be tempted to confront a flea yourself when they appear in your Los Angeles home after learning what it can do. It's a natural reaction, but not the best one as you might make things worse. 

A better solution is to call a professional pest control company like A Step Above Pest Control & Termite. We're a family-owned pest control agency based in Los Angeles, CA with over twenty years of experience in pest control. Your and your family's well-being is our priority.

We pair our expertise with quality equipment registered by the California Department Of Pesticide Regulation and EPA for maximum results. We offer free quotations for our assistance and warranty it as well. See what we can do for your home and family today.

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