The Fleas In Los Angeles Can Be A Huge Problem

Did you know that fleas can be a problem even if you don’t have pets? Fleas are parasitic pests that bite people and animals in order to obtain a blood meal, but many people assume they are only a problem for animal species. The truth, however, is that fleas can invade almost any home. Fleas in Los Angeles can spread to properties in various ways, and once inside, they can pose health risks to people and pets. Find out more about fleas in Los Angeles and get some effective flea prevention tips in this guide.

What Do Fleas In Los Angeles Look Like?

There are many different flea species, but the cat flea is the most common in the area. These fleas are usually found on dogs and cats, and they can pass from animal to animal easily. If you do have pets, they can bring these fleas inside. But, other animals such as rodents and even wildlife can carry fleas into your home.

Fleas are rather small. They are a reddish-brown color, and they often look more like small specks of brown dirt on animal fur or the carpet. They aren’t invisible, but they can be hard to notice at first.

Why Do Fleas In Los Angeles Bite Humans?

The reason why fleas bite humans isn’t that complicated. They bite humans for the same reasons that they bite animals. Fleas feed on blood, and they can consume human blood just as easily as other mammals. Fleas commonly bite human ankles as they will often get into the carpet, making feet and ankles the easiest to access.

What Do Flea Eggs Look Like In Los Angeles

While adult fleas aren’t necessarily easy to identify, they are much easier to spot than flea eggs. Flea eggs are microscopic as they are only about as big as a grain of salt. They have a soft outer shell that is an off-white color, and they are oval. It’s rather easy to mistake a flea egg for a small bit of rice or even a grain of salt because they are similar in size and color. 

For these reasons, flea eggs aren’t the most effective way to identify flea infestations. The best way to tell if you have fleas is by contacting flea control experts.

How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas In My Los Angeles House?

If you think you have fleas around your property, you can start by vacuuming carpets. If you have pets, you should also contact your vet for help protecting them. Then, give the professionals at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite a call. We offer pest control services that can address fleas and the pests that bring them around, like rodents and wildlife. It can be difficult to deter fleas without assistance from vets and pest professionals, so don’t hesitate to give us a call for help. 

To get started with our flea control services or learn more about flea prevention, contact us today. You can also schedule an inspection.

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