How Do You Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Los Angeles Homes?

Discovering a cockroach infestation in your home is frustrating. These pests make their way into houses and thrive in damp, dark areas. They wait within your walls and under furniture and appliances until nighttime when they come out to feed. Because they hide so well, many homeowners are unaware they have these pesky visitors until the problem has escalated.

Getting rid of cockroaches on your own is tough and often doesn't completely stop an infestation. Luckily, there are great options for quality pest control in Los Angeles. This guide offers information about cockroaches and how A Step Above Pest Control & Termite's extermination solutions keep Los Angeles homes pest-free.

The Types Of Cockroaches That Invade Los Angeles Homes

All species of cockroaches have six legs, two antennae, and are of an oval shape. There are four main types of cockroaches that are commonly found in Los Angeles.

  1. American: Reddish-brown in color with a figure-eight pattern on the back of the head
  2. Brown-banded: Dark brown with two light brown bands on their wings
  3. Oriental: Shiny, black, and large, averaging about one inch in length
  4. German: Tan or light brown coloring with two dark parallel stripes behind the head

Knowing the characteristics of cockroaches and how to identify them is important when determining the type of pest control you may need.

All The Health Risks Cockroaches In Your Home Can Create

Although cockroaches aren't known to cause disease outbreaks, they do carry bacteria that could be harmful to your family. If cockroaches come into contact with your food, they could contaminate it with salmonellosis, cholera, or E.coli infection. They also carry diseases like dysentery and typhoid fever.

Cockroaches also cause indoor allergies. Their shed body parts, eggs, and feces cause allergic reactions in both adults and children. Although most over-the-counter allergy remedies offer relief from these allergies, it's best to eliminate these pests to keep your household healthy. At the first signs of cockroaches in your home, make a call to a trusted pest control service, like A Step Above Pest Control & Termite.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Roaches In Your Home

Knowing how to keep cockroaches away lowers your chances of infestation. Limiting their access to food, water, and shelter prevents them from making your house a home. Here are some prevention tips for implementing in your home:

  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Clean dirty dishes after use.
  • Sweep or vacuum food crumbs off the floor.
  • Clean your pet's food bowl, and don't leave pet food out.
  • Cover trash containers.
  • Fix leaky pipes.
  • Seal cracks in interior and exterior walls.
  • Place cockroach bait and traps throughout your home.
  • Clean under furniture that isn't moved often.

If you've followed these tips and still experience a cockroach infestation, it may be time to schedule professional extermination services.

Practical Prevention Tips To Keep Roaches From Returning To Your Home

A cockroach infestation is hard to tackle with do-it-yourself solutions. At the first signs of cockroaches in your home, call A Step Above Pest Control & Termite. Our professional technicians will find out where cockroaches are hiding and eliminate them using safe, environmentally-friendly pest control solutions. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and treatment.

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