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The Key To Keeping Your Los Angeles Property Flea-Free This Summer!

Did you know that flea infestations can happen to anyone? Most people don't worry much about fleas as other pets like spiders or wasps are more apparent. However, fleas in Los Angeles are surprisingly common pest invaders, and they often live in homes that don't even have pets.

Fleas are parasites that live on animal hosts, but they also bite people. Having a flea infestation is disgusting and complicated, so it's helpful to know tips for keeping them away. Find out more about flea prevention and removal from the Los Angeles pest control experts at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite.

Is This A Flea?

Fleas are hard to identify because they are small. They are only about the size of a grain of rice and are reddish-brown in color. Without a microscope, it's hard to see what fleas look like, but you may notice their large back legs. They use their strong legs to jump up and onto hosts. While fleas live on animal fur, they also infest items like carpets and will bite your feet and ankles.

Fleas are often mistaken for other parasites such as ticks or bed bugs. However, there are some key differences. Bed bugs are slightly bigger, around the size of an apple seed, and have much rounder body shapes. On the other hand, ticks have eight legs and smaller heads in proportion to their bodies.

Fleas In Los Angeles Can Be Dangerous

Fleas don't seem like that big of an issue, but they're capable of spreading illnesses. Fleas caused one of the most notorious and deadly pandemics in human history. Even today, fleas can still spread the bubonic plague, although rare outbreaks. These pests are also notorious for transmitting murine typhus.

Not all flea problems will make you or your pets sick, but you should take them seriously. It's best and safest to take steps to prevent fleas.

Six Ways To Keep The Fleas Away 

To prevent fleas, you need to address the animal hosts that carry them. If you do have pets, make sure to protect them. But, even if you don't have pets, fleas can get inside on the backs of rodents or wildlife pests in Los Angeles. Here are some specific ways to deter fleas by addressing their hosts:

  1. Work with your veterinarian to find products and options to protect pets.
  2. Focus on general pest control to keep rodents away. Start by maintaining kitchen areas cleaned and practicing good sanitation habits. Then, reduce moisture issues by fixing leaky plumbing.
  3. Vacuum regularly to clean up any fleas in your carpet.
  4. Check secondhand items like furniture and clothing for fleas before bringing these items inside. 
  5. Keep wildlife and rodents out by sealing entry points. You can get wire mesh covers for vents and repair holes in the walls with steel wool and metal plating. 
  6. Get assistance from Los Angeles flea control experts for more prevention tips. 

Fleas are hard to prevent because many host species can carry them in. It's much easier and more effective to address fleas and their hosts with help from pest experts.

How To Get Fleas Out Of Your Home For Good

Do you think you have fleas already? While fleas are disgusting, our team of technicians at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite can remove them in no time. We will develop a treatment plan to eradicate fleas and prevent them from returning. Contact us today over the phone or online to request a quote or book a flea inspection.

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