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How To Keep Indian Meal Moths Out Of Your Los Angeles Pantry

Many pests like to get into food items around your home. Rodents love to seek out things to eat as well as insects like cockroaches and ants. However, there's another kind of pest that often gets into food sources that many people don't know much about. Pantry pests in Los Angeles lay their eggs in stored food products such as grains, sugars, flour, rice, and more. One of the most common pantry pests in Los Angeles is the Indian meal moth, and this disgusting pest can be nasty to encounter. Learn facts about Indian meal moths and how to prevent them in this guide.

What Do Pantry Moths In Los Angeles Look Like? 

Indian meal moths look different depending on which stage in their life cycle they're in. The larvae are half an inch long and look kind of like worms. They have a whitish color, but their heads are reddish-brown. 

Once they reach adulthood, these pests turn into moths. They have reddish-brown wings with some cream and black markings at this stage. Another fact about Indian meal moths is that only the larvae eat stored food items. The adults will lay their eggs and then leave.

How Do Indian Meal Moths Get Into Los Angeles Homes?

Indian meal moth infestations can begin in a couple of different ways. Adult moths can get into structures through open doors and windows or cracks in broken screens. They can also be brought in on wreaths or plants. However, one of the most common ways that Indian meal moth infestations begin is when already infected stored food items are purchased from the store.

The eggs and larvae can get into food at factories. Then, when you bring these items home, an infestation can begin. In order to prevent pantry pests from invading, there are some prevention tips you can follow.

Effective Pantry Moth Prevention Tips For Los Angeles Homes

It can be difficult to completely prevent pantry pests such as Indian meal moths; but, there are some steps you can take:

  • Seal up doors and windows and repair holes in the walls. 
  • Repair broken screens in doors and windows to keep adult Indian meal moths from flying inside. 
  • Check items you purchase at the store for signs of Indian meal moths before bringing them home. You can look for signs such as a powdery appearance or small webs inside of packaging.
  • Clean out pantries and cupboards often and rotate products so that you use older items first. Make sure to wash everything down with soap and water. 

The Trick To Total Pantry Pest Control In Los Angeles 

If you're looking to prevent Indian meal moths, give the experts at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite a call today. We offer ongoing residential pest control plans that are reliable and provide various treatment options for pantry pests and more. If you currently have Indian meal moths, you can contact us to remove them and get more prevention tips.

Call us today to learn more or request an inspection.

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