What To Do About Pantry Moths In Los Angeles

Certain types of pests will access storage areas containing dried foods and develop infestations. Commonly referred to as pantry pests, these undesirable creatures feed and reproduce within food products. The most common types are Indian meal moths, cigarette beetles, and drugstore beetles.

Once pantry pests infiltrate these food products, they generally lay eggs that soon develop into larvae before reaching adulthood. In the meanwhile, these pests contaminate the foods with shed skin and feces. In residential settings, pantry pests commonly invade products, including crackers, bread, rice, cereal, flour, and more. 

Is your home now the site of a pantry moth infestation? Homeowners should consider consulting with a licensed pest control service provider for safe and effective solutions for moths and other types of pantry pests. A professional Los Angeles pest control company employs a team of qualified service experts who understand how these pests infiltrate homes and the best preventative measures for preventing further intrusions and subsequent moth damage.

What Do Pantry Moths Look Like?

What do pantry moth eggs look like in your home? The eggs appear very small in shades of grey or white. A single adult female may generate hundreds of eggs.  

The appearance of an Indian meal moth differs through the various stages or phases of the life cycle. After emerging from an egg, the larvae appear “worm-like” and measure roughly ½ of an inch. The larvae usually are off-white with a reddish-brown colored head. In most cases, you will notice pantry moth larvae or maggots when an invasion occurs. The larvae develop into winged moths with tan or brown wings and some black markings. 

What Is Attracting Pantry Moths To My House?

Homeowners must ensure that they adequately seal food in pantries in containers made of hard plastics, ceramics, or glass that these pests cannot penetrate. Regularly clean pantries and cupboards and use a solution of vinegar and water when necessary. Promptly dispose of expired food products or any products that reveal evidence of pest activity. 

What might act as an effective pantry moth repellent? Some individuals claim that natural options, including bay leaves and peppermint oil, will repel many types of pantry pests. 

How Are Pantry Moths Getting In My House?

Many Los Angeles-area homeowners that experience a meal moth intrusion express uncertainty regarding the source or points of entry associated with these pests. Pantry moths typically enter homes in the following ways:  

  • Pantry moths often infest dried foods during the production process at plant facilities. 
  • Moths also might enter food packaging when the product is transported (during shipping) or in storage, such as in warehouses, wholesalers, or distributors. 
  • Moths also will infiltrate foods in the possession of grocers and other retailers, often when minor damage occurs to the packaging that allows easier access.
  • These pests might also enter a home through holes in screens, doors left ajar, or openings such as vents or utility line pass-throughs. 

Based on the aforementioned points, people should avoid purchasing foods with damaged packaging, transfer foods in weaker packaging to durable, sealed containers before storing them, and implement exclusionary measures throughout their homes that will limit intrusion.  

How Can I Get The Pantry Moths Out Of My Home For Good?

A Step Above Pest Control & Termite is the best option for treating pantry pest infestations with our moth removal services. Our service team will promptly respond to requests from local home and business owners facing pest-related concerns. We perform an exhaustive inspection of the premises and create a truly customized solution.

Property owners in the Los Angeles region struggling with moths or other types of pantry pests should contact A Step Above Pest Control & Termite today. 

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