What To Do About Grain Beetles That You Find Inside Your Los Angeles Home

Grain beetles like weevils are never a welcome sight in your home, mainly because it might mean you have to throw a lot of your food out when you see one. They can quickly come into your home and spread into all parts of your pantry, laying eggs and reproducing all the while. These nasty pests are very annoying and are not welcome in your home, so they don’t have to be!

How To Spot Signs Of Grain Beetles In Your Los Angeles Cupboards

These tiny pests are hard to find at first because of their small size, but there are multiple ways that you can find out if grain beetles have infested your home. The merchant grain beetle is brown and incredibly small, so hard to find. Same as merchant grain beetles, there are many different kinds of weevils you can find like:

  • Rice weevils
  • Seed weevils
  • Granary/grain weevils
  • Maize weevils
  • Bean/pea/seed weevils

They are very small, but they can be distinguished from other insects by their very prominent snout-nose. They live and feed inside the different containers that hold food, so this is the first place to look. The female weevil chews a hole into a seed, grain, or kernel and plants an egg that will soon hatch, eating its way out until it is fully grown. The female rice weevils can lay up to 400 eggs during a lifetime, so they will spread very quickly if not found soon enough.

If you do not find weevils directly in your food, there are still ways in which you can tell they are there. If there are many crumbs and food dust around where you store your food, they are likely nearby. A way to see if they have been in a food bag is by looking for dry and dusty residue. This can indicate that the food inside was used as homes for the different eggs.

Are Grain Beetles In Los Angeles Dangerous?

Grain beetles, as well as weevils, are not dangerous to you or your home, but they can be nuisances. They don’t transmit diseases or bite, but by destroying your food, they cause you a lot of stress and drain your pockets of money in that you have to keep rebuying food only for it to get destroyed again.

Grain Beetle & Weevil Prevention Tips For Los Angeles Homes

When you have merchant grain beetles or rice weevils in Los Angeles or anywhere else, you want to get rid of them before they reproduce too much and quickly take over your home. This is why you need to take proper preventative measures. If you have spotted these pests in your home or your food, you need to be sure to always clean out those containers before refilling them.

These pests are most commonly brought in by hitching a ride in your packaged foods, so to help stop them from coming in, you need to be sure not to buy food that is past its expiration date or has torn and damaged packaging. You will also want to clean up any spills or crumbs in your pantry to discourage them further. These pests are also incredibly attracted to moisture, so you should do your best to keep food storage areas dry.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Grain Beetles In Los Angeles

The most effective thing you can do to get these grain beetles and weevils out of your home is to contact professionals. Here at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite, we know how to best deal with these unwelcome guests and protect your family. 

As our name says, we are here to serve you, and all along the way, we will keep you safe and protected. A Step Above Pest Control & Termite knows that you just want everything to go back to normal, and we will help make that a reality and get these pantry pests out of your home!

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