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How To Keep Holiday Decor Pest Free In Los Angeles

As the holidays approach, busy homeowners will venture into attics, basements, crawlspaces, and other storage areas to retrieve their trees, lights, stockings, and different kinds of décor. Various types of pests prefer these types of dark and isolated storage areas and make themselves at home. In some cases, you might unknowingly carry types of household pests in with you. 

Are you a local property owner seeking an experienced provider of quality pest control solutions? Consider choosing a licensed professional for these types of problems. An experienced Los Angeles pest control company will provide safe and effective local pest control services.

What Kind Of Pests Like To Stow Away Inside Holiday Decor

Some of the most common pests that people encounter in these situations include moths, cockroaches, rodents, spiders, and more. Often, people will notice signs of entry, such as chew holes created by mice. 

How To Seal Off Stowed Holiday Décor To Prevent Pests 

Are you wondering what strategies to consider for preventative pest control in Los Angeles? Some of the best tips include: 

  • Closely inspect your storage area for any signs of existing pests before placing your containers inside.
  • Consider alternatives to cardboard storage boxes, such as those composed of durable plastic. 
  • Never store candy or other food items in these areas. 
  • Store all containers in an orderly manner that will reduce hiding spots.

Although the aforementioned suggestions will help with limiting the likelihood of encountering many types of pests, those facing existing pest problems should speak with local professional pest control.

DIY Treatment Methods For Pest Infestations In Los Angeles 

Many homeowners with good intentions will respond to pest invasions by taking matters into their own hands. Here, these individuals might purchase do-it-yourself treatment options from local home improvement outlets or online retailers. Many of these aerosol sprays, granular formulas, traps, and other store-bought products merely achieve short-term results that prove insufficient for eliminating larger infestations where pests are well entrenched. 

When responding to pest intrusions, homeowners should consult with a local pest extermination company. The properly trained service experts with A Step Above Pest Control & Termite maintain the tools and equipment necessary to assist those facing problems with rodents, ants, termites, bed bugs, and many other bothersome and potentially harmful types of pests. 

Let The Pros Do The Work! 

As our company name implies, A Step Above Pest Control & Termite distinguishes itself from the competition by going the extra mile for our valued local customers. As many home and business owners throughout Los Angeles struggling with pest-related concerns would agree, we operate in a manner that reflects both safety and professionalism. Fortunately, our formula for success produces positive results, as evidenced by our longevity, which spans more than 25 years now. 

Our management team remains committed to providing the highest-quality customer service. After receiving your request, we will have a seasoned service professional visit the property and perform a thorough assessment. Our expert will first conduct a visual inspection of the property—both inside and out. A detailed examination is a key initial step, as it gives our staff a comprehensive view of the physical environment. 

The interior part of the property inspection provides our service team members further information regarding any potential entry points identified during the exterior assessment from a different perspective. We will always look in hard-to-reach places such as ceiling voids and interior walls for any indications of pest activity. During this process, our qualified professional will address any of your questions or concerns and explain the best available treatment option. 

Los Angeles-area residents in need of dependable pest control services should promptly contact our office regarding a consultation.

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