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The Key To Keeping Fruit Flies Out Of Your Los Angeles Home

Bugs are the last thing you want to see, but you suddenly notice fruit flies everywhere in your Los Angeles home. Fruit flies, also called vinegar or pomace flies, are common types of flies that look like tiny mosquitoes.

They're attracted to ripened and rotting fruit. Wherever there's one fruit fly, you can be sure that there are hundreds more hiding in your home. It's pretty simple to get rid of fruit flies when you involve technicians from A Step Above Pest Control & Termite. But first, you need to understand what attracts them in the first place. Here's what you need to know.

How To Tell If Fruit Flies Are In Your Home

Typically fruit flies are brown or yellow, but they are usually mistaken with black fruit flies (fungus gnats), also common types of flies. If you have fruit flies in the house, they may be attracted to fruits and may even lay their eggs on them before they begin to rot. 

If there are fruit flies everywhere in your Los Angeles home, they might also become attracted to vinegar and wine because this is how fruit flies feed. So if there's something with alcohol content sitting out of your fridge, it may also be attracting fruit flies.

Is It Safe To Eat Something A Fruit Fly Has Landed On?

Fruit flies in the house are not dangerous and do not cause fruit to spoil. However, fruit flies may carry eggs that could turn into fruit fly larvae. If fruit fly larvae are in your fruits, then they would be unsafe to eat because of the bacteria they may carry. Examples of such bacteria include listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli.

Fruit Fly Prevention Tips

Fruit flies can quickly get into your Los Angeles home through rotting fruits or fruit juices sitting outside your fridge. They may lay their eggs inside the fruit and turn into fruit fly larvae which will begin to feed on the fruit causing it to rot faster. Here are steps to prevent fruit flies from getting into your Los Angeles home:

  • Wash all fruits thoroughly before eating them, even if they are organic fruit. Rinse fruit in the sink and scrub it with a fruit brush and water to eliminate fruit fly larvae.
  • Empty your fruit bowl or basket regularly so fruit flies can't lay their eggs in them.
  • Keep fruit juices and wine bottles sealed tightly because fruit flies can get into fruit juices and wine as well.
  • Wipe up fruit juice spills immediately, even if you've spilled fruit juice on the counter or floor, because fruit flies are attracted to fruit juices too.
  • Replace fruit containers with lids or buy Ziploc bags that are airtight and keep fruit safe from fruit flies.
  • If the fruit flies in your fruit bowl have fruit fly larvae, add a few drops of liquid dish soap or rubbing alcohol into the bowl and scrub everything down with a paper towel. This will kill fruit flies fast since there will be no larvae.

Following these steps to the letter will help fruit flies stay out of your Los Angeles home.

The Best Fly Control in Los Angeles

If fruit flies have invaded your fruit bowl or basket, then there's probably fruit fly larvae in it. The best fly control would be fruit fly extermination. You can kill fruit flies fast by hiring a professional Los Angeles pest control company to solve the problem for you. Professionals have all the tools and knowledge necessary to fight pests in homes, keeping them out permanently. 

If you're not sure whether you're dealing with black fruit flies or actual fruit flies, contact us at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite to get rid of fruit flies and other pests from your Los Angeles home.

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