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The Trouble With Scorpions In Your Yard

Experts classify scorpions as arachnids, a group that also includes spiders, ticks, mites, and many other types of creatures. An estimated 90 different scorpion species exist throughout the U.S., with the Arizona bark scorpion, Centruroides exilicauda (formerly C. sculpturatus), representing the lone type capable of posing serious human health risks. 

Scorpions are known for having a multi-segment tail that arches over the body with a stinger that will deliver venom. The majority of scorpions measure between one and five inches long, have claw-like pincers, and have eight legs. 

Are you wondering how to keep scorpions out of your home? Some experts recommend that property owners adopt a comprehensive approach to preventing scorpion intrusions. These strategies typically involve removing any attractants from the premises and implementing exclusionary measures that will effectively prevent indoor access. 

Those struggling with current scorpion-related problems should consult with an experienced Los Angeles pest control company that is knowledgeable about the common types of scorpions in Los Angeles and effective ways how to prevent scorpions.

The Different Kinds Of Scorpions In Los Angeles

The two primary scorpion species in this region are the small Arizona bark scorpion and the large Arizona hairy scorpion. A report from the University of California’s Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program explains that bark scorpions exist primarily in Arizona, the southwestern part of New Mexico, and the Baja California region. Bark scorpions typically measure three inches and have a notably thin tail measuring only 1/16 of an inch wide. 

The Arizona hairy scorpion, Hadrurus arizonensis, exists in Southern California, including Los Angeles County and most of the adjacent counties to the south and east. Adults often measure five to seven inches, have hairs on their claws and stingers, and burrow beneath most ground objects. They commonly emerge at night and seek sources of water. 

How do scorpions sting? The prickly stinger, positioned at the tip of the tail, serves both offensive and defensive purposes. When approaching prey, scorpions will use their pincers (claws) to grasp before stinging. 

You May Be Accidentally Attracting Scorpions

Many homeowners may inadvertently allow the existence of certain property conditions that attract scorpions. Consider the following tips:  

  • Limit all sources of standing water by repairing leaky hoses or spigots. 
  • Minimize bright outdoor lighting that may attract these pests. 
  • Limit debris around the yard area, including woodpiles and rocks. 

Prevent indoor access by performing basic exclusionary and maintenance activities such as filling cracks or crevices near the foundation of the home and repairing any damaged door or window screens. 

How Bad Is It To Have Scorpions In My Yard?

The Arizona bark scorpion possesses a potent venom that may create adverse symptoms among humans. Although fatal outcomes are a possibility, they are rather unlikely. The venom of the majority of other species lacks the potency needed for creating serious symptoms. Regardless, never intentionally handle or provoke these creatures. 

Are scorpions fast? Researchers estimate that certain scorpions move at speeds of up to 12 miles per hour.

How To Get Rid Of Scorpions For Good

Property owners should avoid making some of the same mistakes that others do when responding to pest-related problems. Many of these individuals try store-bought home treatment options such as sprays, traps, and baiting systems that often prove ineffective. Also, some of these options might contain harsh chemical formulas. Seeking assistance from a licensed professional is the best option. 

As a result of receiving training involving scorpion behavior, the team of pest control professionals with A Step Above Pest Control & Termite knows the most effective strategies for ousting existing scorpions and many of the best practices regarding how to repel scorpions from the area. 

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