What You Need To Know About Proper Bed Bug Control In Los Angeles

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small household pests that feed exclusively on the blood of humans and, to a much lesser extent, warm-blooded animals.  They typically emerge after dark and crawl onto a sleeping victim and deploy a “beak-like” proboscis for extracting blood.

Bed bugs largely vanished during the 1940s as potent pesticides entered the market; however, a renaissance occurred after regulators discontinued many of these products in the 1970s for environmental reasons.  

There is a common misconception that bed bugs generally exist in homes where the occupants have poor cleaning habits. In reality, bed bugs have no such preference; rather, bed bugs usually enter homes within the belongings of those that live there unknowingly. Bed bugs often act as hitchhikers drawn to places where humans exist—and preferably sleep. 

Are you noticing signs that suggest the presence of bed bugs in your home? Bed bugs often demonstrate tremendous resiliency when homeowners try do-it-yourself home treatment options such as those sold in local home improvement stores.

These “one-size-fits-all” products, including aerosol sprays, fogging systems, and traps, often generate only short-term results and might prove ineffective in preventing the development of bed bugs eggs that soon might hatch. Weeks or months later, many of these efforts result in prolonged misery and aggravation as bed bugs continue victimizing those sleeping inside your home. 

Those facing potential bed bug infestations should seek professional assistance. An experienced Los Angeles pest control professional knows how to locate bed bugs hiding in hard-to-reach places and how to get rid of bed bug infestations completely.

Identifying Bed Bugs In Los Angeles 

As adults, bed bugs in Los Angeles typically measure about 3/16 of an inch long and have an oval-shaped body that appears in shades of red or brown. Bed bugs are wingless and have six legs and antennae. Misidentification is common, as these tiny pests appear similar to beetles and other critters. 

How many eggs does a bed bug lay? Female bed bugs may generate hundreds of eggs over their lifespan, which will range from approximately four to six months or more.

Where To Check For Bed Bugs In Your Home

Are you a local property owner wondering how to tell if you have bed bugs? Look in hiding places within the bedroom area, including crevices near baseboards, piles of clothing, or beneath the furniture. As primarily nocturnal creatures, you will rarely see bed bugs during the day. 

The Dangers Associated With Leaving Bed Bugs Untreated

Although not carriers of disease, bed bug bites on the skin are often itchy, and persistent scratching might open a wound that is vulnerable to secondary infection. Those with an infestation should expect difficulty sleeping and high levels of anxiety. 

Professional Bed Bug Control Formulated For Los Angeles Homes

The service specialists with A Step Above Pest Control & Termite understand how to treat bed bugs in a way that ensures the safety of humans, pets, and the local environment. We maintain a comprehensive array of treatment options that will effectively oust bed bugs. Our technicians often deploy powerful yet affordable chemical treatments for smaller, well-contained infestations, heat treatment, fumigation options, and eco-friendly products.

Did you know that our organization embraces an Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) approach when performing our pest control services? I.P.M. places a tremendous emphasis on operating in an eco-friendly way that employs a comprehensive and long-term focus when approaching pest-related challenges.

Some of the basic strategies involve modifying habitats, limiting harmful pesticide use, and ensuring that other creatures experience no adverse collateral consequences as a result of our work. I.P.M. applies in a variety of settings, including urban, suburban, rural, or agricultural environments.

Contact our experienced team today regarding a personal consultation for the best bed bug control in Los Angeles.

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