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What To Do If You Suspect There Are Bed Bugs In Your Los Angeles Home

Bed bugs are tiny pests that can cause significant issues inside your home. They can leave you covered in itchy red bites and rob you of your much-needed sleep. Before you think bed bugs can’t happen to you and they are just an issue in dirty hotels and crowded apartment buildings, you should know that bed bugs are a growing problem in residential communities across the country.

That is where pest control in Los Angeles can help. Don’t let bed bugs rob you of your precious sleep and threaten the health and safety of your family. Read on to learn more about bed bugs and what you can do if they get into your home.

Do You Know How To Spot Bed Bugs Bites?

If you wake up and find yourself covered in little red bites, your first thought isn’t usually bed bugs. You probably think about ants, mosquitoes, and other pests that call Los Angeles home. Knowing how to spot bed bug bites can help you catch an infestation quickly and prevent it from spreading. Here are the symptoms of a bed bug bite:

  • Red and swollen with a dark spot in the middle
  • Bites are usually grouped in lines or clusters
  • Bites can result in an itching or burning sensation
  • Fluid-filled blisters are also possible

These symptoms are telltale signs of bed bug bites, and indicate you may be dealing with a bed bug infestation.

Three Visual Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

While waking up covered in bed bug bites is one sign of a bed bug infestation, there are other signs. If you suspect you have bed bugs, here are three signs of bed bugs to be on the lookout for:

  1. Red or reddish-brown fecal spots on mattresses, upholstery, walls, and other areas where bed bugs may congregate.
  2. Molted skins that are left behind as bed bugs grow through their lifecycles.
  3. Sticky eggs or empty eggshells left behind in areas where bed bugs breed, in  mattress seams, furniture, or inside wooden furniture.

If you see any of these signs, you likely have a bed bug issue in your home.  

Steps You Should Take After Finding Bed Bugs

After identifying bed bugs in your home, taking quick action is critical to bed bug control. Here are some of the steps you should take immediately after identifying signs of bed bugs:

  • Identify, remove, and treat material that has been affected by bed bugs like sheets, upholstery, mattresses, and box springs.
  • Wash sheets, bedding, and pillows in hot water and dry on high heat.
  • Store other affected items in sealed bags.

The best thing to do after finding bed bugs in your home is to seek professional help. Bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate on your own without help from trained pest control technicians.

Why Professional Bed Bug Control Is The Way To Go

When attempting to remove bed bugs from your Los Angeles home, there is no better option than professional bed bug control. Eliminating bed bugs independently can be difficult, and if you miss a few, you will end up right back where you started with another growing infestation.

At A Step Above Pest Control & Termite, our trained technicians know where to look to find bed bugs. For example, would you ever think to look behind outlet covers and light switches for bed bugs? And we know that every home is different, so we offer multiple bed bug treatment options to fit your exact needs, including heat, green and chemical treatments, and fumigation.

If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation or want to ensure your home is bug-free, call us today for professional bed bug control.

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