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Pests And Holiday Decor

It’s Holiday Season! That means it’s the time of year to be merry and deck the halls. That also means it’s time to start pulling out the decorations that have been sitting in storage for over a year. Unfortunately, these items may or may not be housing all kinds of critters from the attic, shed, or basement.

Our stored items make perfect hiding places for different kinds of pests, and the unwary may accidentally bring them inside while moving the boxes. There are a few pests that are more likely to be stored with your decorations.

Three Christmas Decoration Stowaways 

Especially if you store decorations in an outdoor shed or the garage, the chances that pests might come inside with them are pretty high. There are several you definitely want to keep outdoors who like to hide in storage.

Brown Recluses:

  • These spiders commonly hide in dark, secluded areas and will make their homes in cardboard boxes.
  • They are more common in places that their moth and cockroach prey might also hide.
  • While typically nonaggressive, they may bite if they feel threatened, and most commonly do when they’re being moved.

Brown recluses are much more likely to choose your boxes when other pests are abundant. Rodents, on the other hand, don’t need much more of an invitation than shelter to choose your storage area.


  • These pests are more likely to hide in garages if trash is stored there.
  • They like to make their nests out of materials often found in storage, like fabric and paper.
  • Rodents can live off seeds and fruit found naturally, but they are especially attracted to human food containing starches or grains.

Especially when in close proximity to food, rodents will pick shelter with many hiding places over an outdoor bush any day. Cockroaches are quite similar in that regard.


  • Roaches like to hide and breed in dark, moist places. Attics and basements are likely hiding spots.
  • They are more likely in areas where food or trash is stored.
  • And they can survive on close to nothing and eat things like glue, paper, and curtains if nothing else is available.

These three pests are just a few of many that may come indoors this holiday season. To avoid an accidental infestation, practice these prevention tips.

How To Prevent Bringing Pests Indoors From Storage

Be mindful, and try these prevention tips to avoid accidentally starting a cockroach party in your house before guests arrive.

  • When storing decorations, keep them in sealed, plastic containers. Store individual decorations in sealable plastic bags.
  • Make sure decorations, especially table runners, are cleaned of food crumbs and spills before going into storage.
  • Bring boxes outside before opening them up in a living space. Look for feces, chewed wires on lights, holes in boxes, cockroach exoskeletons, egg sacks, or messy webs.
  • Transport and sort through boxes with tight, long-sleeved shirts and pants, and wear gloves and hard shoes.
  • Shake decorations out, especially fabric ones. Vacuum and wipe them clean.

These tips should do the trick in time for next year, but what if you’ve already brought tiny guests in with this year’s decor?

Contact A Step Above Pest Control & Termite For Advice And Assistance

Whether you fear an infestation is already underway or need advice to prevent one, A Step Above Pest Control & Termite can help. With over 30 years of experience, we can help you make your storage areas unattractive hiding places for pests, protecting your stuff and your health. Our inspection, prevention, and extermination options can keep your home safe for years to come. Call or visit us online today for a free estimate.

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