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What's The Best Way To Protect My Los Angeles Home From Termites?

To protect your Los Angeles home from termites and potential termite damage, you should be learning the first signs of termite infestation and reaching out to pest control in Los Angeles. With the help of the best termite control company in the area, you can benefit from effective termite removal and protection.

Signs Of Termites To Be On The Watch For Around Your Home

You can be on the lookout for several signs of termite infestation if you want to determine whether or not termites have moved into your home. 

  • Termite frass may appear along baseboards or windowsills, much like small wood shavings.
  • You may see pinpoint holes in the drywall or baseboards.
  • Windows and doors may become tight-fitting.
  • Floors can sink, ceilings can dip, and walls will start bulging due to termite tunneling.
  • Wood sounds hollow, or you hear a rustling sound in walls at night.
  • The wood of your home appears damp or damaged and breaks away easily.

It is important to note that these signs of termite infestation typically don’t occur until termites have seriously damaged your home. This is why it's crucial to contact A Step Above Pest Control & Termite for effective termite removal at the first hint of this pest.

How Termites Silently Destroy Your House

Termite damage is often unnoticed at first due to the small nature of this pest and its tendency to silently invade your home. Most homeowners will not notice the first signs of an infestation because they are easy to miss and quite subtle. However, the longer termites are left to tunnel through the wooden structures of your home, the more serious the damage is that they create.

Over time, termite damage can result in the wood of your home breaking away and lead to costly repairs. It may also create a risk of structural collapse, which can be pretty dangerous for those living in your home. Professional termite removal is the only way to protect your home from the damage this pest causes.

How To Naturally Make Your Home Less Attractive To Termites

To dissuade termites from invading your home, you can implement specific prevention tactics. The steps below will help make your home less attractive to termites:

  • Reduce soil-to-wood contact by placing a barrier between your yard and any wooden foundation of your home. This makes it harder for termites to invade.
  • Address moisture issues around your home and fix any leaks. Ensure gutters are clear and your yard has proper drainage to prevent moist areas and water-damaged wood.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris such as fallen branches, leaf litter, and woodpiles—store firewood far away from your home on an elevated surface.
  • Seal up potential termite invasion points around your home, such as the cracks in windows, doors, the foundation, and around utility areas.

The Most Effective Termite Control For Los Angeles Homes

Treating termites yourself is not a great choice, which is why you should be reaching out to the best termite control company in Los Angeles at the first signs of termites. Our experts at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite will inspect your property thoroughly and provide you with customized termite treatment solutions that ensure any termite infestation is fully taken care of and that your property is protected year-round.

So, avoid termite damage today and reach out to A Step Above Pest Control & Termite as soon as possible.

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