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Are Crickets In Los Angeles Dangerous?

The sound of crickets in your home is never a good thing, even if you enjoy the soothing chirping they make. Unfortunately, crickets are dangerous pests that most people ignore. Learn more about what makes Los Angeles crickets hazardous and how you can protect yourself from them.

What Are House Crickets?

House crickets earned their name by invading homes and surviving for extended periods. Originally from Europe, these crickets now live throughout the United States. The males make a loud chirping noise when they rub their wings together, but the females are silent.

Typically, adult house crickets are light in color, appearing yellowish brown. They have three dark bands on their heads and long antennae. Although nymphs don't have wings like adults, they seem very similar to them.

Crickets seek out warm and moist environments, so certain areas of your home could be particularly appealing to them. Usually, house crickets live in bathrooms, basements, and under kitchen sinks. You can be sure you have house crickets because you'll hear the loud chirping noise.

What Makes House Crickets A Danger?

The noise made by house crickets is often enough to make a homeowner go crazy. To attract females, the male crickets chirp with their winds. They tend to be the noisiest at night, so a cricket infestation could keep you from sleeping.

Insomnia isn't fun and comes with several consequences. If you can't sleep, you could experience mood swings, a weaker immune system, and a lack of focus. But that isn't the only way in which a cricket infestation can harm you.

Crickets also spread diseases. If your food or surfaces are contaminated with cricket feces, you could get sick with E. coli or salmonella. Additionally, crickets can have worms in their feces, which could make you their next host.

Damaging Your Property

Another drawback of a cricket infestation is property damage. While house crickets might not cause you thousands of dollars in structural damage like termites, they can ruin your fabrics. It's common for crickets to chew on fabrics and leave behind evidence.

If you have any sentimental belongings, crickets can destroy them. You might not realize the issue until it's too late. For this reason, cricket prevention is always important.

Cricket Prevention

If you want to deter crickets and protect your household, you should take these measures:

  • Address Moisture Issues: When a home has excess moisture, it's a haven for crickets. You should work to eliminate extra moisture by checking for leaks and repairing them as soon as possible. Even a small leak is enough to create excess moisture. In some areas of your home, you may need to install vents or dehumidifiers. 
  • Seal Up Entrances: Don't make it easy for house crickets to get indoors. Rather than allow crickets to sneak into your home through crevices, seal up potential openings. A tube of caulk can be your best friend and a cricket's worst enemy.
  • Adjust Lighting: Your bright lights could attract crickets at night. Although the crickets may remain outside for a short time, they could eventually enter your home. Adjust your outdoor lighting to be less appealing to crickets, or keep your lights off completely. You're less likely to draw crickets out and near your home. 

Work With The Pros

The most effective form of cricket protection is to work with a professional team. Here at A Step Above Pest Control & Termite, we're ready to help you. Our technicians have the training, experience, and dedication to excellent customer service. To learn more about what we can do, give us a call now and schedule an appointment.

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